Alex Brain

Alex Brain

Freelance Writer

Alex Brain is a freelance writer focusing on health and fitness topics. He has a deep knowledge and understanding of human psychology and the various aspects related to it. Alex Brain is connected to various social clubs and wellness centers like Harmonia Marin that help him in his work considerably.

Articles by Alex Brain:

9 Benefits of Socializing

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  1. Hi Alex,

    My name is Roger Race and I am very active in our Democratic Club. I have used your article (9 Benefits of Socializing) in trying to get new people living in our community to join our club especially because of your view on the effects of socializing. I placed your article in front of a pitch I was making discussing social events we had in the past as well events in the works.

    I have indicated that the article was written by you. Is it okay for me to use your article? Am I breaking any rules or laws. Should I reach out to other writers and ask for their permission to use their articles?

    I would like to continue using your article. Do I need your permission? I want to do the right thing and not break any infringement rules or laws.

    (623) 225-9633 (M)

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