Anja Follmer-Greiff

Anja Follmer-Greiff

Founder of Yoga Travel & Friends

Anja’s days as an event and culture manager were long and accompanied by steady tensions in her neck and shoulders. After five disc prolapses, she was forced to ease up and decided to begin a yoga teacher training, at first even with a surgical corset. This path shaped who she is today and influenced her idea to create Yoga Travel & Friends in 2013. The intention behind this company is to help others in finding the positive benefits of yoga on body and spirit, and to integrate them into our society.

The unique connection of yoga, meditation, healthy nutrition and a relaxing, stress-free location allow a sustainable healing of body, mind, and spirit. Further, sustainability has become a major topic in organizing the travels.

Articles by Anja Follmer-Greiff:

Healing the Mind: Yoga and Meditation

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