Asa Siegel

Asa Siegel

Founder of STAMBA Superfoods

Asa is a Certified Holistic Health Counselor, yoga practitioner and proponent of holistic living. He believes that Nature holds the secrets to our well-being and the experience of our interconnectedness.

Asa lives in Brooklyn and Olivebridge, NY with his wife and two daughters, and is the founder of STAMBA Superfoods.

Articles by Asa Siegel:

Earth Matters

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  1. When Your Inner World Speaks Loud Out.
    That’s the turning point. You have to listen. And feel. And heal. I was there.
    Dear Asa,
    I am the mother of three grown children that is committed to healthy eating/living almost since the day they were born. I have overcome serious ilnesses as well as cured my kids and myself with only natural methods. I believe and live by ” Let food be your medicine and medicine your food” 100%.
    There’s an eager passion for higher quality living among my friends and followers. In order to serve their needs, fulfill my purpose and connect with the right people, I am launching a Summit called „Your Vibrant Health: How to Recognize Your Body’s Needs, Serve Them, and Improve Your Health“. The launch date is October 5th, 2017. I see you important part of the field and would love to interview you for this Summit! There will be 21 amazing experts sharing their knowledge and life experience.
    Do you have a few minutes to jump on a call with me online to discuss this project?
    There is a new horizon we can be opening,

    p.s.: Here you can find details (sliding over Vibrant Health Summit button Information room button shows up-code VHS2017)

  2. Asa,
    Great Article. If you haven’t already been listening in, I think you’ll be very interested in listening to the Earth Day Summit at on The Shift Network site. Spread the word — it was amazing and is still up for free listening.

    Cynthia Tunga Frisch

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