Dr. Gerd Bigus

Dr. Gerd Bigus

Specialist in anesthesiology, dialysis, naturopath, holistic pain therapy and Ayurveda physician

After studying medicine Dr. Bigus undertook further training as a specialist in anesthesiology, became a dialysis physician and subsequently worked in the field of research and clinical intensive medicine concentrating especially on the application of all acute and chronic blood purification processes.

After 4 years of intensive further education in the field of naturopathy Dr. Bigus received his accreditation as a naturopath and spa doctor. During his advanced training he also focussed on ear and body acupuncture therapy in addition to a 4-year physiotherapy study course in pain management.

In addition to his intensive training in Ayurvedic medicine, he concluded his 2-year medical training in the traditional Art of Ayurvedic Healing and supplemented this certification with a 2-year education to become an Ayurveda Masseur and a member of the Association of European Ayurveda Physicians and Therapists.

Dr. Bigus has been a member of the team of physicians at the Ayurveda Parkschlösschen since May 2010.

Articles by Dr. Gerd Bigus:

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