Hans Meihuizen

Hans Meihuizen

Owner of the House of Life Abydos

Hans Meihuizen (pictured with his wife Ria) is General Manager of the House of Life in Abydos, Egypt. Originally from the Netherlands, Hans and his wife were immediately touched and inspired by the energy and charme of Abydos. Always having been keen to develop spiritually the couple experienced first hand that the ancient Egyptian culture, its healing methods, and especially the loving energy of the temple of Seti I offer  great ways to heal body and soul.

Hans has taken up ancient Egyptian healing studies  and practices ancient "Kriya Yoga". He considers it a great gift to be able to view different manifestations of spirituality and to experience its common source.

Articles by Hans Meihuizen:

Ancient Egyptians: Not Only Pyramid-Builders, But Also Yogis

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