John Stamoulos

John Stamoulos

Master Breathwork Trainer

John Stamoulos is a master Breathwork trainer and facilitator who has been traveling internationally for over 20 years delivering the gift of Breathwork to audiences around the globe.  He is the author of Breathing Into A New Life, How Your Breath Heals, which chronicles his personal healing journey with Breathwork and provides a deeper understanding of the process and its powerful gifts for elegantly creating change in your life.

Based in Adelaide, Australia, John is recognized as one of Australia’s leading practitioners of Breathwork and Remedial (Massage) Therapy. John teaches his workshops and trainings with the wisdom of an experiencer, the passion of a healer and the guidance of the consummate explorer that he is.

Articles by John Stamoulos:

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  1. Will be great to learn breath-work from you to help others. Keep me posted Ei h your classes in Malaysia or Australia. I am a Malaysian with Aussie PR Status. Thanks

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