Rainer Bolsinger

Rainer Bolsinger

Sales Manager for icelab -110 °C

Rainer  owns a business degree from Friedrich Alexander University in Erlangen/Nürnberg, Germany. He belongs to the first generation to finish the special studies "entrepreneurship and company foundation". Rainer stayed a few months in South Africa and one year in Buenos Aires during his studies and kept this international orientation in his work life as well when filling different positions. First as Managing Director International Business for a Spanish SMB, as Export Manger for German SMB, as Managing Director and founding partner of an innovative mattress concept, as member of board of a German/Chinese trading company and as an independent consultant. Always out there looking for new solutions, Rainer came to his actual position as Sales Manager for icelab -110 °C that fulfilled his expectations in regards to groundbreaking treatment in sports, spa and lifestyle.

Articles by Rainer Bolsinger:

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