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14 Days of Detox - follow my live blog

by Christina Koopmann - Freelance Writer

Day 15/15

Day 1 – a.d. – meaning after detox in my case! Life eventually has got me back! My conclusion after two weeks: ‘yes’ to detox, ‘no’ to the menu I had to stick to. Yes, I lost weight, but that was never the main aim and to be honest – it was quite an ordeal for loosing just 3.5 kilos!

I have to admit, I feel fit due to the weight loss – but more energetic? Cleaner? Re-born? I have to state loud and clear: no. Not at all. I have no idea what my friend, who recommended this to me, was talking about. Plus I actually don’t think my metabolism-diet was really healthy. The last two weeks have taught me a lot about myself though, about my discipline, about how much my mood depends on good food, how little it bothers me not to drink alcohol at a celebration and how much it bothers me not to drink alcohol with good food. The menu was hard to stick to in my opinion because it was simply not diverse enough. How much chicken, tuna and leaf salad can a woman eat? Surprisingly enough though: in retrospective I don’t mind being hungry for the first week. That actually paid off, I believe. It was a very unpleasant feeling – of course – accompanied with a nerve-racking headache for a day. But the outcome was worth it: I eat less now. My stomach shrunk to a size that makes light snacks between meals unnecessary. I eat less than before without the feeling of missing something or being hungry.

Nevertheless I am a strong supporter of eating everything; it should just be healthy most of the time. It’s funny for example that when I was not allowed anything ‘good’, all I wanted was calories, fat and sweets – I can hardly believe now how much I was looking forward to stuffing myself on the ‘all you can eat’ Saturday nights. Is that healthy? I don’t think so. On my first day of normality I craved none of these things – I could have had them, but like most of the time I chose healthy foods: cereals with fruit for breakfast, lentil salad with strawberries and almonds for lunch and quinoa with sweet potatoes, carrots, chickpeas, mango and sweet mustard dressing for dinner. Dessert? A few pieces of chocolate. I would recommend detox in general, but would try a more diverse diet next time. In the end I will stick to my former behavior: eat whatever I want, just making sure it’s rather healthy than unhealthy and do some sports whenever I get the chance. No matter, whether it’s yoga or a run through the park. My body always tells me what’s good for me – I just have to look and listen.

published: 03/10/2015

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