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Beating Fatigue With a Healthy Liver

by Dr. Gerd Bigus - Specialist in anesthesiology, dialysis, naturopath, holistic pain therapy and Ayurveda physician

Orthodox medicine attaches great importance to the liver. As one of the largest inner organs, it is the most significant place of detoxification and transformation. It plays a decisive role in the health of all other organs and bodily functions, including minute cells.


Orthodox medicine and the liver: the laboratory of the body

Every day, approximately 2.000 liters of blood are passed through the liver transforming the substances (food, drink, medication) taken in by us, so that they can subsequently be returned either to our organism or passed to the bile and finally eliminated through the bowels.

However, the liver also deals with toxins that are absorbed via the skin or the respiratory system. Furthermore, the liver is responsible for the development of more than a thousand enzyme systems and is the main control centre for fat burning. The liver also plays an important role in the management of psycho-emotional stress.

Through its connection with digestion and metabolism the liver influences the vitality of each and every cell in our organism and thus, our whole life.

As long as the liver is efficient, we feel vibrant, active and healthy. When the liver is working with reduced power or is overburdened with an influx of toxic metabolic products and can only neutralize part of the inflowing toxins, the blood is contaminated with those toxins and can no longer collect sufficient oxygen and remove the metabolic waste sufficiently.

As a result, toxins and waste products are stored in the connective tissue, thus over-acidifying and diminishing the nutrition of our cells and tissues. This is the perfect breeding ground for illnesses of all kinds.


Fatigue is the pain of the liver

Signs of an overburdened or inadequately functioning liver are constant tiredness, muscle fatigue, sleep disorders, digestive problems, bloating (particularly after fatty foods), flatulence, dizziness, eye problems, and headaches.

Back pain, a high cholesterol level, increased susceptibility to infections, skin problems and skin irritation are also signs of a malfunction of this organ.

Outwardly, an overburdened liver shows itself in excess abdominal girth and obesity.


Ayurveda and the liver: the decisive organ for health

In Ayurveda the liver also plays a crucial, cleansing and controlling role, embedded in one of the many circulatory channel systems (Shrotas) of the body. “Shrota means to flow out or penetrate. Each and every body cell is dependent on the exchange of a number of substances – such as nutrition, hormones, neurotransmitters, waste products etc., which supply the circulatory channel systems. The disturbed bioenergies (Doshas) also spread out into the whole body through these vessels.”  (Das neue Praxisbuch, H. Rhyner)

A disrupted flow through these channel systems is the cause of the majority of illnesses.

In Ayurveda the liver belongs to the Raktavaha Shjrota (blood circulatory system) and is responsible for the supply and cleansing of the blood tissues. In Ayurvedic healing, any dysfunction or damage to the liver is treated as a Pitta dysfunction. The main focus is cast on the processes of transformation and conversion of nutrition in the small intestine, where the majority of toxins occur (Ama).


Liver detox and regeneration

Today's living conditions, such as a diet rich in fat and protein, and also a high consumption of carbohydrates and alcohol, medication, mental strain, lack of exercise and disrupted life and daily rhythms, exert heavy pressure on our biological system. Dr. Bigus suggests: "Having your main meal at noon and only enjoying a light meal for dinner, maybe even in line with your personal Dosha type, is already pure bliss for your liver." Furthermore, most of today's environmental pollutants are fat-soluble and accumulate in connective tissue and in fatty body structures, in fatty tissue, the nervous system and in the cell membranes, in the excretion organs and particularly, in the liver. A body suffering from a dysfunctional bioenergy (disturbed Dosha) is not able to eliminate these fat-soluble toxins of its own accord.

Beside the regulation of the dysfunctional bioenergies or disturbed Doshas, a liver detox program may concentrate on a comprehensive and natural detoxification of the liver, based on the Ayurvedic art of healing.

The professional cleansing of the liver actively encourages the production of bile fluid, so that deposits can be released and eliminated via the bowels.

A liver detox program restores alertness, clarity, lightness and liberation with increased mental and physical vigor.


published: 07/21/2015

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