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Detox Naturally with Ayurveda

by Lisa Mauracher - Director of the Yoga Centre at Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof

A quick breakfast standing up in the kitchen, coffee to go, fast food during your lunch break and a heavy dinner combined with a stressful job, taking care of the family and constant air and noise pollution – this is what a normal day looks like for most of us. Even if we try to be healthy, everyday life makes it difficult for us to follow through on our good intentions.

Living a hectic lifestyle puts great pressure on our bodies and spirits.

We take in toxins every day through the food that we eat, our skin, and other senses. Plus, our soul is stressed because we are „switched on“ all the time. The consequences are grave for many of us: burnouts, metabolic disorders, allergies and/or migraines are nowadays considered a normal part of life.


So what can we do to be healthy – and how can we define “health”?

This is where Ayurveda comes into play. This ancient knowledge of health is a helpful tool in our modern world. By applying this age-old philosophy we can clean our bodies and our minds. Instead of focusing on fighting symptoms, Ayurvedic medicine applies a holistic concept that treats the roots of imbalances for sustained healing and equilibrium. Ayurveda is not just a food trend or a type of massage. It goes much deeper than that - it is a way of thinking and living.

In Ayurveda, health means harmony and connectedness. 

Speaking in Ayurvedic terms, health means harmony - the absence of discomfort and the feeling of a general wellbeing. The Ayurvedic concept doesn’t perceive a human being in isolation. We are all connected with the environment around us and therefore health is not static. It is the constant search for wellbeing, while considering one’s own needs and potential in a challenging world.

The key to achieve a happy and healthy life is a well-functioning digestive system, as even the healthiest nutrition is useless if your digestions and metabolism don’t work.

For Dr. (ind) Gaurav Sharma, Ayurveda specialist at the Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof in Tirol, Austria, one of the main reasons for imbalances that can lead to ailments is an overworked gastric and intestinal system:


“Especially the European eating habits can strain the body. Most Europeans eat too much and too heavy. Ayurveda teaches to do everything in moderation while nothing is forbidden.”


One suggestion from Dr. (ind) Sharma to help improve the digestion: “Don’t drink too much while eating. The liquids will dilute the digestive juices and the stomach can’t work properly.”

Detox regularly to stay balanced and healthy - even if you are not feeling unwell. 

And while this may be a helpful tool to improve your metabolism, Dr. (ind) Sharma also recommends detox programs on a regular basis. Even if you feel healthy and don’t think you need one right now – Ayurveda doesn’t wait until an imbalance occurs, it takes preemptive measures to keep you in balance and therefore healthy.

Such detox programs contain of a diagnosis by an Ayurveda specialist, Ayurvedic treatments, special Ayurvedic nutrition as well as yoga. In combination, all components make sure that a profound cleansing of body and mind can be achieved.

Sarah Bergmeister, psycho-energetic kinesiologist, naturopath and assistant to Dr. (ind) Sharma, explains the importance of Ayurvedic treatments in combination with an Ayurvedic diet:

The skin, besides the intestines, is one of the most important organs, when it comes to detoxification.

“The skin is our largest organ and a lot of toxins can exit our body through it - especially if induced by oil or powder massages. In addition the lymphatic system and energy gates are stimulated, which aids the detoxifying process. And we mustn’t forget the relaxing effect massages have on us. Any detoxification will be more effective in a state of ease.”

Adding yoga and meditation to the healthy diet and relaxing massages will free your spirit from any “toxic” mindset you may have accumulated over time.

Therefor my sincere suggestion: Take some time for yourself to reset your body, regain strength and find your balance again – so you can face the world with new energy.


published: 01/31/2017

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