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Panchakarma - The Ayurvedic Detox Therapy

by Aruna Bandara - Ayurvedic physician, Bachelor Degree in Ayurvedic Medicine, author of the book, "Ayurveda für die Seele" (Ayurveda for the soul)

Noise and stress, smog and exhaust fumes, medicines, toxins in living areas or just a wrong way of life can make us tired, worn out and, ultimately, ill.

Ayurveda, the holistic science of healing originating in India, has been successfully applying a time-proven and medically far-reaching therapy to the above health problems for thousands of years – the Panchakarma detox cure. With the help of this therapy, toxins and metabolic waste products are eliminated, and the body regenerates holistically and is restored to its very original balance.

Panchakarma is an Ayurvedic cleansing therapy. Its objective is to channel metabolic wastes and toxins (Ama) out of the body, to cleanse the affected canals and to restore the original balance to the body’s own control system (Tri-Doshas). According to Ayurveda, Panchakarma can be used prophylactically or in treating chronic diseases.

The therapy is divided into two phases. In the first phase metabolic wastes and pathogens are mobilized, and then eliminated in the second phase. For the mobilization Ayurveda uses oily substances that are traditionally called into action internally by means of Ghee (clarified butter) or a special detox drink. Toxins are discharged externally by using various deep reaching medical oil massages (Abbyhangas) or oil treatments followed by heat treatments (Svedanas) that stimulate secretion by the skin and mucous membranes.

After this preparation the actual cleansing process takes place in the second phase. Toxins which have accumulated are excreted by the means of cleaning the digestive tract through purging (Virechan), medical enemas (Basti), and nasal instillation (Nasya).

The various measures of Panchakarma, which are connected by an internal logic, activate all routes of excretion of the body: the digestive system, kidneys and urinary tract, skin and respiratory tract.

Diet also plays an important role during the treatment because foods are considered to be a remedy in Ayurveda.

The duration of treatment is individual, but should be at least ten to fourteen days.

The results
This deep-acting process opens us the paths of communication in the body and even purifies the smallest of channels in the organism, the Shrotas, which include the blood and lymph vessels and intercellular spaces. Supported by a healing environment, natural circadian rhythms, nature and gentle yoga, a natural balance is once again attained by body, mind and soul.

Panchakarma restores the immune system, replenishes power and vitality and has proven to be excellent in the treatment of burn-outs and other illnesses caused by stress.

In short, Panchakarma adds more beautiful and healthy years to our lives.


published: 08/12/2014

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