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Beyond Relaxation – The Magic of a Holistic Healing Massage

by Andrea Weiler - Therapist, Pharmaceutical Technician and Masseuse at Warmbaderhof

It’s an old hat that massages help to relax muscles, relieve pain, reduce stress and have an effect on inner organs. We all know it’s one of the oldest remedies of human kind with an impact from the treated part of the body over the whole organism, including the psyche. So what’s new?

Massages can be more than that. A scientifically developed holistic healing massage therapy can be applied to help endometriosis patients, to fight infertility or to treat menopausal complaints and the formation of cysts. Men with problems such as diabetes II, hemorrhoids, digestive problems, high blood pressure, tachycardia, decongestions and detoxification, depression, sleeping disorders, stress and fatigue can profit from that massage as well as women.

The holistic healing massage - as it is practiced at Warmbaderhof - is an alternative form of therapy consisting of a combination of gentle techniques like lymphatic drainage, segment and connective tissue massage and various aponeurosis methods which can be applied by itself or concomitantly to support traditional medicine.

A lot of patients feel an improvement in regards to wellbeing and relief as early as after the first treatment. The first part of the treatment, the so-called basic treatment is performed in a seated position. The second part of the treatment is carried out at the front of the body, while the patient relaxes in a lying position.

The gentle massage techniques stimulate the detoxification system and balance the hormonal system.  The regularity depends on the patient and is planned individually. A treatment every two or three weeks is recommended for patients suffering from endometriosis and fibroids. To enhance fertility, two treatments per cycle are advised.

published: 07/20/2015

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