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A Vintage Approach to Fitness

by Patrizia Bortolin - Spa Director at Vair Spa

In recent years, a tendency to link fitness and training to high performance and measurable physical results has emerged, pushing people to spend a lot of time in fitness centers with their headphones on while working out on machines.

Results are often positive in terms of muscular tone and looks, but such experiences fail to improve one’s attitude towards life and other people and ultimately do not convey happiness and inner beauty.

Even more so, sometimes well-trained gym people don’t have the stamina to run on a beach for more than 10 minutes or cannot climb a tree, jump over a little wall or bend their backs and reach the ground with their hands. Some cannot even walk in the heat of the early morning sun because they are addicted to air-conditioning, or cannot bathe in the sea because the water is too cold.

On the other hand, lazy people tend to skip their training either because it's always too late to start, or they feel too heavy or stiff or they don’t like to work out indoors or they feel the standard performances suggested by urban fitness centers are too challenging. Fùre is a “vintage” approach to fitness.

Fùre is an experience of wild outdoor life, featuring an intense connection with nature and playful activities aiming to reawaken everyone’s natural essence.

Fùre outdoor activities are inspired by the games in the open from our youth, a time when stamina was recharged with every activity and the exhaustion at the end of the day equaled our happiness and lack of worries. When you manage to revert to such a magical state, everything becomes a tool to play with and you are totally present in the here and now. We all have such a memory that can be recalled to kick-start a vital process.

Fùre also integrates Iyengar Yoga to unveil your unsuspected stiffness and the quickness of your body aging. Unbelievably enough, such highly accessible and transformative sessions can really give some deep and intense feeling to anybody while helping them to install the commitment to continue with Yoga once home.

Adding playfulness to your training activities with the ultimate goal of giving a playful touch to your life is the goal, as people tend to be too serious with themselves and their lives while it has been largely proven that a playful attitude can help your working activities, relationships, health and even your brain-aging.

Juggling session, for example, can be incredibly life changing. Enjoy a hands-on experience of how a rigid and controlling brain can prevent you from expressing all of your potential. In the same way, dance sessions, based on the healing power of body contact, work on your trust and lightness and ultimately soothe your emotional blockages while increasing your flexibility and pushing you out of your comfort zone.

Similarly to training and workout, wellness and Spa treatments are also often regarded as “must do” activities, carried out through stiff, standardized wishes, requests and procedures. People who are not into Spas tend to reject what they believe to be mere New Age or Eastern-inspired offers or to perceive the Spa world as a contents-poor experience, while the Spa addicted are eager to try every new treatment and trend in a perpetual, bulimic quest for wellness that prevents them from finding an inner healing power that can be genuinely "felt”. The goal of Fùre is to drive openness and curiosity for the new and to reconnect people to a healthy attitude that is enjoyed with full satisfaction and fun.

You can experience Fùre at Vair’s Spa in Puglia, Italy. Their “back to basics” approach is be extremely successful, its challenge being a mix of contents, engagement and results offered through nonconventional Spa experiences that help people uncover unsuspected parts of their inner world and improve their happiness and vitality as a whole.

The deep pleasure you get from body movement and the reconnection to a spontaneous and graceful way of walking, running, dancing, talking, playing and swimming are Fùre’s ultimate goals, a key to happiness and true beauty in our busy lives.

Because what our ancestors used to say is as true as ever: a good “presence” is much more attractive than a perfect body.


published: 07/18/2016

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