The Fragrant Power of Pine Wood© DAS MÜHLBACH, Germany

The Fragrant Power of Pine Wood

by Lini Freudenstein - Writer at DAS MÜHLBACH

Simply close your eyes and imagine the unique scent of pine wood. The distinctive smell encourages healthier sleep and naturally keeps your spirits up. For centuries, Mountaineers have been attracted to the scared forests filled with an abundance of arolla pine wood due to its beneficial effects that are proven to keep your mind soothed and your emotions relaxed.

Arolla pine wood gives off an aromatic scent that stimulates the mind, and has an energizing effect on the body. Traditional knowledge revealed that arolla pine wood gives off an aromatic scent that contributes to your feelings. In the present day, these pine trees still play a very important role on the health of the human body, in ways such as lowering the heart rate about 3,500 heart beats per day, inducing deeper sleep, improving recovery time post-exercise, providing anti-bacterial effects and ultimately leads to a healthier and happier living.

Pine wood has analgesic, diuretic and antiseptic properties. Beside its pleasing and calming scent, scientifically, arolla pine wood contains essentials oils such as pinosylvin and resin, the anti-bacterial qualities outperform every kind of tree. When looking at medicinal benefits, it has analgesic, diuretic and antiseptic properties. Pine wood is a natural remedy for stress or anxiety disorders, it helps with sports injuries and infections.

One of the reasons arolla pine wood has grown to be an important element is because of its simple requirements in relation to earth and climate, the arolla pine can be found on the elevated levels of the countryside and often creates a vast forest line in the Central Alps.


At Mühlbach, a member of Healing Hotels of the World, you have the same chance to experience the soothing effect from the subtle scents of pine wood in one of their special rest areas built especially with pieces of fresh cut stone pine wood.


published: 10/26/2016

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