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Healing and Science: About Thermal Hot Springs

by Dr. Carlo Sturani - Scientific Health Director

For centuries around the world "Taking the waters" is believed to cure almost any ailment. A tranquil hot springs soak is widely recognized as providing relief from the pain of stressed muscles and tired joints. The complex effects of hot springs minerals on the airways, skins, glands, bones and blood vessels are just a few of the benefits found in the ancient springs.

Sulfur is nature's beauty mineral.

One naturally occurring mineral found near hot springs is sulfur, which happens to be an essential element for all life to exist and flourish. It is contained in literally every cell in our body as a component of three different amino acids - the building blocks that make up protein. Known as "nature's beauty mineral", our body needs sulfur to manufacture collagen to keep skin elastic and looking young.

Hot spring therapy has been an accepted and popular treatment for respiratory, othologic, rhinologic, musculoskeletal and dermatologic problems for a long time now, believed to help those with bronchitis, high blood pressure, rhinosinusitis, chronic otitis, osteoarthosis, eczema, psoriasis, and a variety of other complaints.

The beneficial effects of thermal water are proven by scientific research.

The long-term satisfaction of many patients for spring water thermal cures must be taken into consideration, as well as the educational dimension. Although medicine has been slow to establish a good scientific basis for the benefits of in mineral-rich hot springs water, it's significant beneficial effects have been clearly established by scientific research in the third millennium.

Indeed in the third millennium the clinical efficacy of the water has been demonstrated in chronic and disabling diseases and in various clinical settings. Vivo and vitro experiments have demonstrated the effect of Thermal Spring Water on membrane fluidity, its antiradical and anti-inflammatory properties, its effects on many mediators involved in the immune response and its stimulating effect on cellular differentiation and regeneration.


Salus per Aquam

"'Salus per aquam' or 'health through water' is the guiding principle in world of thermal healing waters. It indicates how soaking in naturally occurring hot springs can benefit everyone in today's stressful world.

A healthy lifestyle may increase lifespan by many years.

A mindful and tranquil hot spring experience is a journey to provide relief from the stress and to move towards a better health life style, which is the best long-term personal gift.

Today the best healing thermal hotels provide a spontaneous and progressive approach founded on scientific evidence to prevent chronic diseases and improve health and wellness.

Owing to thermal water we have the capacity to balance and harmonize our body and mind quite naturally.


published: 10/03/2017

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