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Natures Most Powerful Detox

by Dr. Angelo Cerina - Scientific Director at the Acquaforte Thalasso and SPA

Since the time of the ancient Romans, seawater has been the undisputed star of wellness.

Pure, natural seawater - the alchemy of salt, water and sunshine - is nature’s most powerful detox. Different saline content at varying water temperatures has diverse effects on the body; this is the secret art of the highly effective method of Thalassotherapy.

This form of therapy acts to drain and purify the system and also to accelerate the benefits of other treatments when combined as part of a tailored program.


In the following are some of the most effective treatments and therapies:


Thalassotherapy Circuit

In association with the Italian School of Thalassotherapy, Forte Village's medical team led by myself developed a method like no other in the world that is capable of intensifying the extraordinary beneficial effects of water using the combined action of different temperatures and salt concentrations. An aquatic get-back-in-shape program in just six steps. 

Imagine each step is a pool with a specific saline density and temperature. Together the pools form a perfect Thalasso circuit:


1st pool: you will step into waters with a high concentration of magnesium salt and a saline density of 30Bè – this is even higher than the saline density of the Dead Sea. This allows you to float in the most extraordinary way, a panacea for joints and muscles.

2nd pool: here, thalassotherapy meets herbal medicine, with sea oil, aloe and mint. A relaxing effect is guaranteed, as you gently float in a 13Bè saline density combined with ‘alfresco’ aromatherapy.

3rd pool: this pool intensifies the high detox potential of the seawater with the addition of trace elements.

4th pool: the fourth pool has a normal saline density but targets cell rejuvenation through the beneficial action of Jacuzzi style water jets that tone all parts of the body from the back to the abdominals, as well as the soles of the feet. The synergy between water and pressure tones the muscles, as well as having an anti-swelling and draining effect.

5th and 6th pool: the last two "marine" steps use low temperature pools to improve vasoconstriction and vascular exercise with the help of Jacuzzi jets all across the body. This energy boost gently stimulates the skin, removes toxins and firms your figure.


Other tried and tested forms of Thalassotherapy include:


Heavenly legs, a genuine aquatic walk in high salt density water (13Bè) with decreasing temperatures, from 34°C to 10°C, that has prodigious effects on vascular leg problems. The walk is then followed by manual treatment to enhance the anti-swelling results. It's very cathartic for your legs, which will feel light and toned.

Natural sea salt exfoliation: The body will be exfoliated with sea salt, with its high levels of sodium and magnesium. The draining and skin-purifying power will be triggered by a steam bath, to rid the skin of impurities.

Thalasso massage: this treatment is performed in high saline intensity water: a weightless massage that is deeply relaxing as you give yourself up to the soothing water.

Sea oil cryotherapy is a treatment based on liquid sea oil, which thickens at minus 40°C, performed by skilled hands that are ready to revitalize the microcirculation and leave you with toned, drained skin.

Sea mud is a beauty balm straight from the sea containing a precious mix of minerals and trace elements. The miraculous mix is applied to various parts of the body to regenerate, tone and soothe the skin. Further, sea mud is known to treat certain muscle conditions.

Forte Village Resort is an absolute expert in terms of thalassotherapy, weight loss and detox. This family-friendly resort with a world-renowned sports academy is a member of Healing Hotels of the World.

published: 05/09/2017

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