Learn How to Eat Healthy as You Age

Learn How to Eat Healthy as You Age

by Jess Walter - Freelance Writer

Many seniors are afraid to adapt the habits they know and love but change doesn’t have to be a bad thing. In fact, changes to your eating habits are necessary as your body and your lifestyle change. Follow these tips to make the transition to a healthy eater in your senior years much easier.


Learn What Your Body Needs

When you age, your body will absorb nutrients differently.

Older adults have different nutritional requirements than those who are younger, so it is beneficial to learn what you need to change in your diet. Your body absorbs nutrients like vitamin B12 and folic acid differently as you age, so it is important to learn about these nutrients you now require.

You may have to increase the amount of fiber you eat due to digestive changes and you will probably also need to reduce the amount of sodium in your diet. Reducing your portion sizes is also advised to maintain a healthy weight.


Turn it into a Hobby

Cooking your own meals can be a fun hobby and a great way to ensure you know what you are eating. You can keep notes on new foods you like and don’t like to make sure you cook meals you enjoy. Sharing recipes with friends can introduce you to foods you may never have tried.

Eating out with other people can also be as important in your later years as cooking your own meals. The social activity can encourage you to eat heartier meals and eat when you may otherwise forget to do so.


Understand How Tastes and Appetites Change

Taste and appetites change with age.

As you age, you may taste foods less or you may develop an aversion to the taste of foods you have enjoyed your whole life. You may also take medication which changes the way things taste or can possibly affect your appetite.

You are also likely to exercise less, therefore may not be as hungry so it is important to eat foods rich in nutrients to compensate. Many senior adults suffer from malnutrition due to changing appetites and sense of taste.


Learn the Health Benefits

Omega-3 fatty acids help sharpen the mind and contribute to the prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease. Certain types of fish, nuts, fruit and vegetables all contain this nutrient which is beneficial to senior adults. Learning what foods benefit your health and can prevent health problems can make healthy eating an easy habit to adopt.


published: 03/16/2017

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