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Lightness in Being

by Prof. Maurizio Corradin - Chairman of the Lefay SPA Method, specialist in Sports Medicine, instructor of acupuncture, TCM and Phytotherapy

Eating with awareness.

Excess weight is one of the greatest risks to health for which no “magical” solutions exist. Studies demonstrate that only a small percentage of diets and slimming plans based on deprivation or eating only certain foods are effective in ensuring long-lasting weight loss and may even cause severe health issues.

The Lefay SPA Method wellness philosophy underlines the importance of “awareness” in one’s diet and, more generally, lifestyle; in this way, and as a result of over 15 years of work, personal experience and the experience of other Members of the Scientific Committee, we have developed: “La Leggerezza nell’Essere”, a detoxifying and marginally low-calorie dietary approach whose purpose is to ensure energy supply through foods selected for their quality and treated with cooking methods that do not put excessive strain on the digestive system. This approach is based on the conviction that the only way towards true “weight control” is achieved by changing our dietary habits in the context of daily life and not by a form of “deprivation”.

This philosophy is based on combining three important ways of thinking: the western dietary approach – which underlines the importance of the correct dietary associations and phytotherapy – the energetic dietary approach – which considers foods as a function of their flavor, nature and vitality, favoring the consumption of local, fresh, seasonal and unprocessed products – and the techniques of dietary behavior which help us to understand the “way” in which we eat, highlighting, for example, the importance of “slowing down” the speed at which we eat our meals.

This dietary approach is proposed in all our health stays and programs and is the foundation for drawing up a personalized diet within our “Armonia del Corpo” health program, which is aimed at controlling body weight.

published: 05/05/2014

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