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6 Tips To Discovering Your Most Comfortable Sleeping Position

by Mike Tart - Sleep Expert

In the past year, I had a tough time getting enough sleep. In most cases, I found myself waking up in the middle of the night. So, I decided to find out what was preventing me from getting proper rest.

Good sleep is not so much about the mattress, but rather the position.

I had the chance of interviewing Veronica from TryMattress.com, one of the leading mattress reviews sites in the United States. She said, “Most people are unable to sleep not only because they’re not sleeping on a comfortable mattress, but also because a good number of them have still not discovered their best sleeping position.”

Today, I would like to help you learn your sleeping position. Here, I’ll show you various methods to help you find your “best sleeping posture”:


1.     Avoid Sleeping in the Fetal Position If You’re Suffering from Neck or Back Pain

What do I mean by the fetal position? Well, it’s merely a posture where you scrunch your knees on your chest and pull your arm into one tiny ball. Veronica says, “You may feel safe, but it’s not a suitable solution for your body.” Furthermore, curling and tucking your body and chin can strain your head and neck.

I also came across other reports which added that the fetal position compromises air circulation and complicates your health. Hence, to avoid over stretching your neck and back regions, I would recommend straightening your legs and arms so that you sleep on your back.


2.     Sleep On Your Back If Acid Reflux Is Keeping You Up!

To get a better night’s rest if you suffer from acid reflux, try keeping your head elevated as you rest on your back. “Health” reposts even show that food or acid is less likely to flow back into your stomach if it’s well positioned.


3.     Avoid Resting On Your Stomach

I always found myself sleeping on my stomach. Shockingly, this position negatively affects your neck, spine and “lower back”. However, if you’re already used to this posture, I would advise you to use a thin pillow which minimizes your neck-sleeping-angle. Also, put a pad on your pelvis to keep your spine correctly aligned.


4.     Sleep on Your Side If You Have a Problem Snoring

Sleeping on your side is the best way of keeping your airways open, eventually preventing snoring.

Why do most people snore? The main reason is that their tongue position makes breathing difficult. So, one of the postures that you’ll need to avoid is sleeping on your back. Even so, if snoring persists, seek medical advice as you may be suffering from “sleep apnea”. If the condition is not diagnosed, it can lead to various health conditions.

I would advise you to sleep on your side and place a comfortable pillow between your knees to relieve pressure on your lower spine region.


5.     To Avoid Getting Wrinkles, Rest On Your Back

Are you worried about getting premature facial wrinkles? Try sleeping on your back instead of your side or stomach. In doing so, you prevent your pillow from rubbing against your face throughout the night.

In my study, I came across reports from “Dr. Goesel” Anson, one of the best plastic surgeons in the United States. She says, “Sleep wrinkles are those lines formed once the face is pressed against the pillow during the night”.


6.     Sleep on Your Left Side If You’re Pregnant

Sleeping on your left side relaxes the stomach, breasts and uterus. 

There are advantages and disadvantages of sleeping your left side as compared to your right. For instance, by sleeping on the left side, you strain both your lungs and livers. However, by sleeping on the right side, you stand at a higher chance of getting heartburn. A good number of pediatricians recommend pregnant mothers to rest on their left side to relax their stomach, breasts and uterus for proper flow of blood to and from the fetus.


By using these tips to discover your sleeping position, you’ll get “comfortable” and uninterrupted sleep. You’ll no longer have to wake up in between “the night” as you’ll enjoy waking up to the chirping of the early morning birds. So, what are you waiting for? Take this important step now and reward your body with the rest that it deserves!


published: 01/16/2018

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