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Thalassotherapy - a Stimulating Force

by Bart Van Cauvelaert - CEO of the site Sofitel Quiberon Thalassa Sea & Spa

It is common belief that Thalassotherapy is related to medical treatments for those suffering from serious injuries. However, it offers multiple benefits to everyone.

As a matter of fact, seawater has incredible regenerative properties and the effects on body and mind are now recognized by health professionals. Articulation and muscles relax in heated seawater, which helps the body to forget the stress of daily life. Thalassotherapy allows people to take a well-deserved break from the outside world and the benefits of a newfound vitality are immediately noticeable.

Founded by Louison Bobet, an injured cyclist who regained mobility through seawater treatments, the modern Thalassotherapy has quickly become famous. At first, Thalassotherapy was mainly characterized by regeneration thanks to the qualities of warm seawater, but nowadays it has become a synonym for global wellness and relaxation.

Dieticians, physical trainers and sport coaches join the teams of experts to offer a better follow up and improve the quality of treatments and support. The knowledge and the techniques in regards to the usage of seawater have continuously been developed further for the last 50 years. Thus, experts have succeeded in providing highly technical solutions to make the absorption of minerals more efficient for the body in order to obtain long lasting and more effective results.

One of the first Thalassotherapy institutes opened in 1964 in the peninsula of Quiberon, France. Due to their success, the institute grew and extended their services to be now one of the finest Healing Hotels in the world.


published: 07/17/2015

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