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Top 5 Anti-Aging Treatments of the Future

by Louise Cogan - Founder of Cocoon Medical Spa

Aging has become a major topic in our youth-admiring, modern world. While the old cultures used to look up to the wisdom, patience and life experience of the elders, age has nowadays turned into something people try to avoid at all cost.

Why not have both? The wisdom of age and the freshness of youth? Since we can’t run nowadays trends, why not trick time a little and go for both at the same time? The composure and knowledge that comes with every year as well as visibly maintaining the freshness and energy of the youth. But what causes aging in the first place? That’s difficult to answer, since many factors play a role in how we age, which is why we all age very differently. Genes contribute a lot to how our skin ages of course, but lifestyle and habits also have a significant impact, like the long-term exposure to sun or damaging substances like nicotine or too much alcohol.


What happens when the skin ages?

As the skin gets older, there are visible changes in the epidermal layer, which we detect as lines, wrinkles or folds. Freckles and age spots are very common as the skin’s ability to regenerate gets weaker. There is also a decrease of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid - which are vital for a tight skin – as well as a reduction of the fat layer, the simple reason why our facial structure starts to sag, and our cheeks become more hollow.


A holistic approach to reduce the aging process

It's important to know that skin, health and wellness are deeply Holistic health medicine upgrades your quality of life, appearance, sex drive, mood and longevity.connected; you cannot improve the look of your skin without addressing your general health. Many people step into the trap of regular Botox treatments and fillers or even surgery for quick fixes that address wrinkles - however, this is a never ending cycle without any ability to optimize the quality of your skin.

The body and skin must be looked at holistically if you truly want to maintain or change the way you look and feel in the long-term. Holistic health medicine therefore upgrades your quality of life, appearance, sex drive, mood and longevity.


Don’t step into the Botox trap!

People tend to believe Botox will save them from all wrinkles! Well yes, Botox plays its part of freezing the deep frown lines and wrinkles, and yes, it’s an option on the beauty market and may look naturally if not overdone. But it’s tricky, because muscles have a memory, and if done too many times, Botox loses its effectiveness for the future.

Therefore our advice to patients is always the same: simply improve the quality of your skin for long-term anti-aging effects.

This can be achieved by a combination of natural cosmetic treatments using high technology.


The 5 most popular anti-aging treatments:

1. Platelet Rich Plasma

PRP is given a big buzz with celebrities worldwide at the moment, known as the "Vampire Lift".PRP is a completely natural treatment that builds up the skin’s collagen levels. The procedure: some of your blood is taken and spun in a centrifuge before being reinjected into your face. The platelets contain growth factors that stimulate the stem cells to produce new collagen which provides hydration for the deep levels of your skin. Further repair and regeneration mechanisms are being activated.

2. Radio Frequency

Radio Frequency (RF) is one of the most effective technologies for non-surgical skin tightening. It is powerful in regards to reducing early signs of loose or saggy skin without invasive surgery. The treatment also helps to tighten the skin on arms, thighs and the tummy.

3. High Frequency Ultrasound

High Frequency Ultrasound is known today as HIFU, including Ultherapy or Ulthera. This treatment is the "gold standard" on today’s market when it comes to tightening the skin, as it reaches the deep muscles. HIFU also stimulates the production of natural collagen deep within the membrane for a firmer, healthier skin. Used together with PRP, it also increases the hydration levels deep within the skin layers.

4. Anti-Aging Regenerative Medicine

This medicine is a patient-centred approach, addressing the whole person holistically, instead of focussing on an isolated set of symptoms.Functional medicine is the way to truly transform your health, approaching anti-aging with a holistic concept and the aim to preserve your health for the future. Functional or regenerative medicine starts with a thorough screening; an analysis of what is troubling you to make sure, the most effective treatment to improve your health and to heal your body is applied.

It’s a combination of sophisticated western technologies and alternative, holistic medicine. The goal is to prevent diseases through a healthy diet, appropriate fitness programs and by nurturing your mind while also taking the family history, genes, blood tests and other diagnostic techniques into account. Medicines, hormones and neutraceuticals will be prescribed according to the test results as well as mineral and hormonal deficiencies.

5. Stem Cells

Stem cell therapy is a relatively new medical area, aiming to slow down or reversing the process of aging by regenerating and repairing organs that are damaged by stress, toxins, a poor diet or a stressful lifestyle. Stem cells stimulate, restore and regenerate major body systems: immune, hormonal and circulatory.

Stem cells can be derived from various sources, but the safest and most effective ones are found in your own fat tissues. Using adipose adult-derived stem cell systems, your fat is extracted and processed to supply a small amount of incredibly rich, active stem cells. These cells stimulate, restore and regenerate major body systems: immune, hormonal and circulatory. The improved functioning of internal organs has an effect on the entire body in regards to: energy, mood, pain, organs, sleep, blood circulation and reduced illnesses.


The 5 aesthetic and health treatments mentioned above will be at the forefront of anti-aging therapies for the next 5 to 10 years; and we also expect massive improvements in the technology area at the same time.

A holistic approach to anti-aging doesn’t only provide you with the aesthetic benefits of an optimized skin quality, you also profit from more energy, more muscles, a healthy weight and improved organ-functions. The value of looking after your skin and health in a holistic way goes beyond skin-deep.


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published: 05/25/2016

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