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Water - Elixir of Life!

by Ewa Biging - Editor in Chief, Just Breathe Mag

Interview with Michaela Merten - german actress, author, mental trainer and motivational coach - about her new book and the healing powers of water.

EB: How did you come to deal with naturopathy and alternative medicine that intensively?
Michaela Merten: About 20 years ago I made a complete diet change and intensively dealt with the "resources of living", our food. During this time I attended a school for alternative practitioners for 3 semesters and became a vegetarian. Since I am a very curious person, I also was trained in other Coach-Trainings such as Regression-Therapy and Applied Kinesiology.

EB: Why a book about water?
Michaela Merten: Water is our nr. 1 elixir of life! We are made of water and all life evolved from water. I see myself as a communicator between naturopathy, science and medicine. During my lecture tour, I was questioned about so many things, that I thought it right to write a book about it.

EB: Do you drink water from the tap?
Michaela Merten: Under no circumstances. It can derive from the cleanest source but water pipes are partly made of lead, copper, asbestos or synthetics. Water is known for absorbing everything, including residues of the substances. Hence water from taps might not be a good choice for the health of your body.

EB: Different countries, different waters. Where did you sense the greatest healing value?
Michaela Merten: Personally, I see the greatest healing value in the sea. There I can feel the origin of the water and I am able to connect with the nature.

Water is the feel-good elixir number 1. As source of beauty and health, it relaxes and heals the body and mind while inducing energy. Stunning beauty, younger appearance, good shape and vitality - all this can be achieved by water. All this is featured in Michaela Merten’s new book. In a presentation she mentions:

“Water - secret formula for beauty and health”.

The popular actor and writer knows how soothing the elixir of life can be for body, mind and soul. It does not matter if it is water from outside or inside, Michaela Merten has a lot to talk about when it comes to the healing effects of water. She answers all your questions about what you always wanted to know concerning the topic “Water”. What kind of water should be consumed? What does our tap- water contain? Do we need minerals in our drinking water? What (new) forms of aqua wellness are known? How does Aqua-Fatburning, Aqua-Qi-Gong or Auqa-Lomi work and what are possible results? And how can we eliminate small and bigger physical discomforts with help of the “Water pharmacy”?

Michaela Merten is especially interested in naturopathy and alternative healing methods and she has done various therapy trainings. Being an expert on water and its benefits, her book Water - the healthy key to beauty and health entered the bestseller list right away and made her a wanted expert and SPA-Consultant about beauty and healthcare. She is an ambassador for the Wasserstiftung - Waterfoundation.

Since many years she is working as a mental trainer and motivation coach.
Together with her husband Pierre Franckh - an international bestselling author - she founded the NeuroMental Institute teaching the NeuroMental Method, an easy to learn 5 steps method combining : "Inner child work", overcoming emotional obstacles and creating a vision through self-determination together with applied Kinesiology for helping the individual to find success and happiness in their lives.
NeuroMental Coaching includes:

- Work-Life-Balance
- How to consciously create your life and become free
- How you can handle setbacks and defeats successfully
- How to best exploit your potential
- Your path to personal success
- How to restructure your life, to easily attract the opportunities you want
- Meditation as a path for inner peace
- How to turn your life into a personal masterpiece


published: 04/24/2014

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