5 Green Alternatives to Household Chemicals

5 Green Alternatives to Household Chemicals

by Jess Walter - Freelance Writer

As much as we all want to live in a clean home, making this happen can sometimes have a negative effect on those who suffer from allergies. If you find yourself with watery eyes or itchiness, there’s a good chance that your body doesn’t agree with the cleaning products you’re using. Allergic rhinitis (hay fever, a less severe allergic reaction) can occur when you use products with certain chemicals.

Often, synthetic chemicals are the culprit behind allergies.

Synthetic chemicals can be found in anything ranging from all-purpose counter cleaner to furniture polish. If you notice formaldehyde, sodium hypochlorite, or most sodium-based chemicals on the ingredients label, there is a good chance that this cleaner will cause unwanted reactions.


To prevent this, try using cleaners made with natural ingredients:


Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day

Mrs. Meyer's line of personal hygiene and cleaning products are known for their natural components. Unlike many cleaners that use synthetic chemicals, Mrs. Meyers uses all-natural ingredients that work like a charm and make the area smell naturally fresh.

The products are phosphate-free and made with essential oils and ingredients commonly found in nature.

Products are commonly made from ingredients including corn oil, soy oil, or coconut oil as well as ingredients commonly found in plants. Mrs. Meyers does away with the synthetic chemicals that irritate many users by substituting ingredients that make your home smell fresh.



A simple ingredient found cheaply in just about any grocery or convenience store, vinegar has been used as a common household cleaner for decades. While the smell is a bit strong, the chemical makeup of it does not typically cause allergic reactions. The nice thing about this simple solution is that it can be mixed with a combination of other natural agents, depending on the cleaning job you need to do.

Vinegar has been known to clean carpet, glass, and even ceramic floors and countertops. Old-fashioned households use vinegar as the universal cleaning agent for most cleaning jobs around the house.


Dr. Bronner’s Sal’s Suds

Sal Suds are for those wanting natural ingredients that don’t aggravate their allergies.

Another cleaning brand made only from natural ingredients, Dr. Bronner’s Sal’s Suds, has been shown to be efficient as well as non-irritating to the person using it. This is achieved by taking out all foaming and synthetic cleaning agents that are known to cause allergies.

This cleaner uses natural oils from fir and spruce trees, making it easy on the skin while delivering the fresh scents of nature that many cleaning agents don’t have. A universal cleaner, Sal’s Suds has been known to work on general household cleaning tasks, dishwashing, and even laundry.


Isopropyl Alcohol

Isopropyl alcohol is a common cleaner used throughout the ages that is perfect for disinfecting jobs as well as basic household cleaning. Alcohol works especially well for areas covered in germ-promoting grime.


Homemade Cleaning Solution

If you want to get creative with what you already have sitting at home, you might be able to create something that's efficient and non-irritating.

Combining a mixture of citrus-based fruits, natural soaps, vinegar, baking soda, and more create a manifold of cleaning supplies. Make sure to mix the ingredients according to the task.

Here are six recipes for you to try!


published: 04/25/2017

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