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The Health Gains of Switching to LED Lights

by Jess Walter - Freelance Writer

LED lights are going to change the way we provide illumination to our homes as well as working spaces. In the past years, the use of LED lighting systems has increased dramatically propelled by the desire to retrofit existing lamps. Retrofit installation is expected to experience rapid growth in the period 2017-2023. LED lights are robust, energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly and cost-effective making them attractive options in indoor and outdoor lighting transformations. On top of these advantages, LED lights are also good for the human health.


Here are the top health benefits when you switch to LED lighting.

  • Enhances Mood

One of the advantages of switching to LED lights is improvement of moods. Light in general has a role to play in setting moods and behavior. When there is not enough light, you tend to be glum and moody. As the amount of light is increased, moods improve.

People who suffer from mood disorders such as seasonal affective disorder or winter blues respond to light changes.

During winter, when there is not enough light or a shorter period of illumination, you feel down and depressed. To address this issue, sufferers of winter blues are exposed to special lights, which in turn reduce depression. According to studies (Desan et al, 2007), LED lights may be effective in treating the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (SAD).


  • Improves Productivity

Overall productivity in general is also improved when there is enough light. It is easier to work in an environment that is adequately lit especially for meticulous tasks such as assembly of products with small pieces. Dim lights in work places create a strain on the eyes resulting to headaches that can also cause other discomforts. Persistent eyestrain can lower productivity and even increases employee absences. These uncomfortable symptoms are counter-productive.


  • Enhances Safety

The advantage of using LED lights is that they have powerful lumens that improve illumination of spaces.

Poorly lit spaces are safety hazards. You are not able to see obstructions and might fall or slip. Falls are causes of injuries that might become fatal. Proper lighting makes it safe for everyone to walk or move around without worrying about bumping into things or slipping and falling.  Proper lighting reduces the chances of accidents and protects workers’ health.


LED lighting systems are projected to be the standard norm in the coming years. The benefits of using these lights are far-reaching. They not only improve energy use and help the environment; LEDs also provide benefits that enhance the health of humans.


published: 01/09/2018

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