A Holistic Approach to Business - Creating Green Luxury Cosmetics

A Holistic Approach to Business - Creating Green Luxury Cosmetics

by Margot Esser-Greineder - Founder of PHARMOS NATUR

A natural cosmetic concept dictates that we work holistically. Sounds good! But what exactly does that mean? Naturalist Margot Esser-Greineder reveals what the holistic approach entails.

To be whole is to feel at one; to experience joy, happiness and inner contentment.

Continuous stress, worry about the future or fear of getting a raw deal in life all keep us stuck on the treadmill of negativity and negative thinking. This prevents us from constructively shaping the present and the future.

Physical symptoms and self-doubt start to emerge. An inner dissatisfaction arises. With some skills you can help to restore balance and “become one”. A caring touch, intensive bodywork and soothing words help mind, heart and body to find each other again.


Get out into nature!

Head and heart come together; our thoughts and feelings change.

Being out in nature and perceiving nature as an expression of creativity helps us to let go of burdens, to re-energize and experience oneness and wholeness. Walking in the forest or hiking in the mountains simply makes us feel good. Negative energies are converted, levels of stress disappear, the nervous system finds a new balance, and regenerative forces are activated.

At the same time, we absorb the fragrance of the plants, the aromas of the forest floor and the energy of the environment. We breathe in oxygen and give off carbon dioxide, which plants convert again – it is nature's continuous cycle.


Plants vibrate!

If grown in fertile, energy-rich soils and an intact natural environment, plants develop a unique network of active ingredients, intense light energy and a high level of vibration.

When a manufacturer (e.g. for cosmetic products, health foods and supplements) works holistically, they use gentle procedures when processing the plants. They will proceed consciously and carefully to preserve the wholeness of the individual plants. The plants’ active ingredients, energy and vibration remain unchanged.


It starts at cultivation...!

The holistic approach starts at plant cultivation.

Where and in what environment is the plant to be grown? How are the region's energy and the cosmic force field obtained? How will the plants be affected? Will they be harvested in harmony with the rhythm of the planet? Are they grown in fertile soil, meaning soil that contains earthworms, balanced minerals and trace elements, oxygen and nitrogen? Is organic compost used?

Cultivation in a mixed culture is tried and tested and enables the exchange of energy and nutrients with the organic environment. This creates a microcosm, a healthy environment for the plants, where they can develop highly effective defenses.


Fair conditions

Low pay and exploitation generate frustration and thus negative energy.

It is also crucial that local farmers work in nature with knowledge and skill, and above all with love for their plants. Low pay and exploitation generate frustration and thus negative energy. This energy can be absorbed by the plants and in turn passed on to us. In order to really live and implement the holistic approach, a close, trustful exchange with partners in the local cultivation region is absolutely imperative.

It goes without saying that the equipment required for harvesting and processing is also used considerately. Only this way will the active ingredients survive along with the life force of the plant.

Harvest rituals have a long tradition in ancient cultures. For the harvester, for example, it is a matter of course to thank “mother nature” for the yield before beginning to harvest.


Holistic means aware

It is assumed that every thought and the information it carries – whether positive or negative – is or can affect energy. When all the people involved in a production process use the power of their minds in a positive way, they can in turn positively influence the product development process.

By giving all the information, a product can help to raise people’s awareness, strengthening their bodies and energy fields.

The term “holistic approach” thus regains its original importance.


published: 05/23/2017

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