The Secret Power of Crystals

The Secret Power of Crystals

by Karl Schneeberger - Owner of the Art in Stone

The healing power of crystals is known to human kind for thousands of years.

Especially in these vibrant times of constant change, it is the rock crystal that supports and protects us. These precious crystals are quite significant, as they bear all spectral colors in their white and neutral shade. Hence, it is said that they hold all knowledge and wisdom, like a database on a computer.

The energies of rock crystals vibrate on a higher level than those of human beings. However, we might be able to sense those delicate vibrations and absorb them when we are open and sensitive towards them.

We feel this frequency at the heart level. To illustrate you can compare this to fine-tuning a radio channel. If you wish to receive a clear sound, you need to adapt the frequency accordingly. The same goes for the heart level frequency. The rock crystal does not speak any specific language such as German or English, but its vibrations can be decoded with the heart frequency.

The rock crystals purity and clarity also channels and supports our own clarity. If we are able to open our heart and clear our mind, we will experience purification and clarification, which will enable us to heal. Consequently, the rock crystal can be seen as a guardian angel that supports our consciousness and helps us to clean our mind.

However, many people avoid being confronted with these healing powers due to various reasons. I committed myself to communicate this important message so that people may discover their calling and are able to live life to the fullest.

It is my vision and personal goal to make rock crystals an ambassador of peace and a key to open peoples’ hearts. This vision now became reality, as the unique wellness  Hotel Larimar in Stegersbach, Austria incorporated a rock crystal in their wellness theme.

The ‘crystal of hearts’ is located in the heart chakra of the hotel (by the way: the Hotel Larimar is divided into 7 chakras). The crystal is available to all guests. His presence can bee seen, touched, felt and for some even heard. The owner Mr. Johann Haberl made this possible and paved the way for the ‘crystal of hearts’ to release its healing power.

It is my deepest wish that those healing places of power are made available to everyone everywhere in this world.

Please get in touch with me, if you would like to learn more about the power of crystals.


published: 10/22/2014

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