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Why Choose A Dedicated Holistic Wellness Break?

by Maria D’Orey - Spa & Fitness Director

Holidays are undeniably a major contributor to your wellbeing; a seaside escape is often a welcome solace from the stresses of the working week. However, in your relaxed frame of mind it’s ever too easy to over-indulge on beach bar food, spend the entire trip on a sun-lounger and return home feeling surfeited, lethargic and worse for wear.

So, how can you make the most of your precious holiday time to feel refreshed and revitalized?

Spa treatments alone do not foster long-term wellbeing. 

Spa treatments are often the first port of call for those seeking to regain vitality whilst away, and indeed they offer a wealth of benefits from improving circulation, relieving muscular pain and detoxifying the skin to relieving stress. However, they alone are not enough to foster long-term wellbeing, especially when combined with typical holiday over-indulgences.

Fortunately, resorts are now in line with a worldwide wellness tourism trend and beginning to offer all-encompassing, dedicated wellness packages that focus on the whole person – an integrated, holistic approach that helps to banish burn-out and re-balance body, mind and spirit.

Dedicated wellness programs inspire long term life style changes. 

Spa treatments are often balanced with other elements of a healthy lifestyle such as invigorating fitness activities, healthy meals and spiritual experiences. A fresh and exclusive environment also presents the perfect opportunity for enjoyable cycling tours, hikes, paddle-boarding or swimming in the sea alongside the abundance of fresh, wholesome local cuisine. Often expertly guided with personalized attention and support, dedicated wellness programs can also inspire positive lifestyle changes to continue long after the holiday.

Experience a holistic, well balanced healing journey. 

As Spa and Fitness Director for Serenity – The Art of Well Being at Pine Cliffs, a member of Healing Hotels of the World, I am proud to have developed along with all the teams involved the #PineCliffsLifestyle wellness concept that offers five core programs around this holistic approach: Digital Detox, Self Healing, Fitness Journey, Yoga and Harmonization of the Chakras and Awakening of the Senses.

All suggest different durations and varied itineraries including activities such as personalized beach workouts, Pilates and Yoga classes, breathing and meditation sessions and more, combined with indulgent spa treatments, healthy meals and juice cleanses.

So next time you book your trip away – why not try a dedicated holistic wellness break?


published: 10/24/2017

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