A Sacred Time of Silence

A Sacred Time of Silence

by Uta Schlichenmaier - Personal Coach

There is this magic around Christmas time. Yes, we have the jingle bells, the friendly red nose reindeer, and Santa Claus‘ roar „Ho, Ho, Ho!" People decorate their houses with lights and endearing ornaments. And especially for the little ones, the air is filled with excitement.

Besides all this festivity, something else so magic and sacred is hiding beneath the surface: deep silence.

I always feel glimpses of sacred silence here and there during this holy time. Watching snowflakes, for example, as they dance from above in total silence. As I gaze at the clear night sky sparkling with stars and wonder about the deep silence out there. All around the world the beautiful song „Silent Night Holy Night“ is sung during Christmas Eve. And there is this stillness in the air...

We all may have our moment, when we get in touch with this divine silence, even if it is just a reminder, that indeed it is still there. We can actually look at it as a gift. A most precious gift to each one of us!

However we have to know how to receive it. It easily escapes our attention, because everything else around makes so much more noise. But when allow time and space and meditate on it, we can experience its vibrant beauty.

May you abundantly receive your gift of silence. May we get in touch with our innermost reservoir of silence. May we all reconnect and steep ourselves in this sacred silence.

Merry Christmas!


published: 12/22/2016

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