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Going From Survival to Creation

by Sharada Rumi - CEO of Wellbeing Health Retreats, brain mapping expert

Have you ever experienced the feeling of total freedom, vibrant health, confidence and happiness all together, at any one time? The vast majority of us are in a survival mode instead of a creation mode. What would you be prepared to do to be consistently in creation mode? This article will outline the steps of the journey. You will require commitment, self-discipline, detachment and plenty of patience.

Let us start our journey together! Firstly, what is the survival mode? This mode is based on fear and fear’s prime purpose is survival – to keep us safe. In our normal busy life what are our typical fears? Are those fears about what other people think of us, fear of embarrassment, fear of being made to look stupid, fear of failure, fear of not belonging to the group and so on? Fear of rejection, holding onto regrets and resentments are other aspects that cause us to build more safety and protection systems around us. This limits us from our true potential.

How does fear impact on the three aspects of health; mind, body and spirit? From the mind aspect, we have a limiting belief that we must always choose the ultra safe option, thus limiting ourselves from pushing past boundaries to grow ourselves. On the physical level, fear is always focusing on protection and we are likely to be in a stressful fight or flight state. Eminent biologist in Quantum medicine Dr Bruce Lipton states that if we are in this stressful state for a prolonged period our immune system is weakened and hence we are prone to more chronic diseases. The third aspect is spiritual; when we are in protection mode, we find it difficult to be trusting, open and generous with ourselves and others. The fear, jealousy and doubts in relationships fuel more stress.

Secondly, what is creation mode? This is the relaxation state based on love, joy and fulfilment, knowing we are enough and we have all the resources we need. Then what are the steps towards being in creation mode? Here are some recommended steps:

1)    Set a daily intention of gratitude, mindfulness, diligence and faith.
2)    Every day work on these aspects with gentleness and self-discipline.
3)    Persevere even when you have a “bad” day.

How? My suggestion is to create a daily routine that balances and enriches your life that includes:

1)    Spiritual - meditation, contemplation, yoga or prayer for 20mins to an hour – the more the better
2)    Physical – walking, gym, cycling or swimming for at least 20 minutes
3)    Mind – puzzles / games to enhance memory, logic and problem solving abilities
4)    Cultivate your mind and body by identifying non-serving thinking patterns / habits and replacing them with uplifting habits / thinking patterns
5)    Enrich yourself and relationships by thinking good thoughts, speaking good words and doing good deeds. Always strive to be honest, open and kind.

The challenges are to keep going even when things appear stuck or going backwards, being too busy or when life gets really tough. The strengths of self-discipline moderated by self-gentleness are the keys to success. The discipline of following the routine the next day is paramount, even if it is missed or disrupted the previous day. A little is always better than none.

Another common challenge is having a bad habit that has become an addiction e.g. smoking, over–eating, emotional obsession etc., there is always professional help available. Being impatient and expecting immediate results are also common reasons to just give up.  Ask yourself – being in survival mode, what is it really costing me? In terms of meaningful relationships, purposefulness, general health and prosperity, it probably costs a great deal.

One exceptional leader in Quantum medicine and neuroscience whom I admire is, Dr Joe Dispenza. He has developed a number of life-transforming meditations for his workshops. His website contains downloadable materials as well as DVDs and CDs and I also highly recommend his books to you. I really like two of his meditation audios and they are “Blessing the Energy Centres” and “Pulling the mind out of the body”. These audios are healing and help you connect with your authentic self.

How will you know your journey is succeeding? You will notice your life improving consistently and often, in surprising ways. You will begin to feel serene, energised and whole.

Anxiety before Brain mapping JustbreatheIf you enjoy scientific proof, you will have tremendous confidence in your journey from survival to creation by having your brain mapped. Dr Jeffrey Fannin from the Quantum University has devised brain mapping to measure changes in your brain. QEEG – Quantitative Electroencephalography is the analysis of the digitized EEG, and in lay terms this sometimes is also called “Brain Mapping”. It is one of the leading-edge neuro feedback systems for brain health.

We can map your brain before as well as after a number of meditation sessions and show you the results to verify that your brain is operating coherently and optimally.

Anxiety after Brain mapping JustbreatheTo illustrate here is an example on the left of a brain with anxiety. The map shows levels of brain activity; the green colour represents a coherent normal brain, the light blue and blue represent “under” activity while the yellow and red represents “over” activity of the brain. In 2013 Dr Jeffrey Fannin mapped a person with an anxiety disorder. The brain was predominately “over” active. After practicing meditation under Dr Fannin’s supervision the same person’s brain was mapped again. This showed and confirmed that the person’s brain changed to normal and coherent activity.


In summing up the journey from survival to creation, it is all about changing your mindset and habits to minimise fear (stressful fight or flight response) and maximise love, gratitude (relaxation response) and freedom to restore balance and wholeness. Ultimately you will release the chains of addictions and be in a state of blissful contentment within.  Feeling total freedom, vibrant health, confidence and happiness.

Editors Note: Sharada will be offering Brain Mapping sessions to participants of the Healing Summit in Berlin in March 2015.


published: 01/06/2015

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