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Happiness, an Adventure within

by Imane Lahlou - Manager and Holistic Health Expert

Regardless of our country of birth or our culture and customs, we all aspire to happiness. Happiness is more than just a feeling; it is a state of mind that evokes love, peace, health, equilibrium and harmony. Indeed, happiness is a world unto itself, colored by our presence, our very essence.

Happiness exists outside the world of words, it is the garden we nurture with love, and it carries the imprint of the experiences that have shaped our life. Humanity has always sought to understand happiness and what it means to be alive. Profound works of philosophy, literature and legends passed down through the ages reflect the thought that has been given to these matters.

Today, the search for meaning takes place in an environment that is changing at a dizzyingly rapid rate. The last fifty years have marked a turning point in human history, and it can sometimes feel as though we’ve been swallowed up by this technological wave that governs our new society. A phenomenal maelstrom of information and visual stimulation crowds out the thoughts of adults and children alike, devouring much of our time. How to resist getting lost in this maze that takes up so much of our mental energy as it pulls us inexorably away from our essential selves? This desire to know and love our true selves is often lost as we balance on the precipice. And how can we understand what we don’t know?

Happiness, the basis of our radiance and our ability to flourish, is an adventure that invites us to explore life’s many facets. We seek happiness in all sorts of places: relationships, books, workshops, retreats, healthy eating, breathing, movement and meditation. Our travels through life produce experiences that inspire us to question the true meaning of happiness. Is it the product of our professional and personal achievements, or the mirror reflecting our attitude when we are faced with the painful or joyous experiences of life? We all face difficulties: living through illness, losing a loved one, pain, suffering, fears, insecurity, or dependence on others. Happiness cannot depend on external forces. The search for happiness is an invitation to embark on the greatest journey of your life. It is a journey of discovery, in which you learn about the thoughts, beliefs and perceptions that shape your destiny. Does your interior world live up to your expectations? Does it reflect who you really are?

The adventure starts when you make the decision to undo limiting, destructive beliefs, fears and insecurities, and begin to see love in all things. Happiness is not a destination; it is the expression of an interior journey. Breathing, meditation and movement help you create an intimate relationship with yourself. These activities inspire you to discover your essence, and to reveal the purpose of your life while they shape your work, your dreams and your accomplishments. You begin to listen to the messages sent by your body and your heart.

published: 07/03/2015

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