Spreading the Healing Spark

Spreading the Healing Spark

by Uta Schlichenmaier - Personal Coach

I wish all of you a happy new year! A year of healing, prosperity and peace!

As a point of focus I would like to talk about renewal. It is the New Year, a new start, and I want to let go of the old unnecessary and invite the good and the promising and recommit to a shining life!

Trying to deal with difficulties by focusing on the negative, hasn’t gotten me anywhere I want to be. I do feel a bit weighed down by all the „bad news“ coming my way. It starts to shape the way I look at my own life: when speaking to other people I talk about the problems and challenges that I have. When listening to other people, I hear their dismay and their hardships. This seems to obstruct my view and I loose sight of what is benevolent, unconditional loving and fully content.

My resolution this year is about letting go of worry and concern and get back in touch with what is wonderful and heartwarming.

I aim to let go of fear and worry and focus on bliss and harmony.  Every morning I sat for meditation and reflected on letting go of fear and worry, and make room for bliss and love and harmony. I felt how there is a treasure house of these qualities inside. Throughout the past few days I have already encountered what I consider small miracles, especially in my relationship to my family and friends.

People around me seem to sense these great qualities and much rather relate to me that way then to deal with my worried and afraid personality. And then when speaking with another person, I find myself talking about something that I am grateful for or happy about.

There is this joy of expansion; of something new!

Something that has touched my heart. And the goodness I experienced inside ripples out and sparks the goodness in another person. This is what I am looking for this new year and I am excited to see how I can look at things with fresh eyes!


published: 01/04/2017

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