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Yoga – the Magic Key

by Ursula Karven - actress, entrepreneur and publisher of the DVD’s “Yoga Everyday” and “Power Yoga”

In my daily yoga practice, I work on stabilizing my inner and outer postures.

Through our outer posture, we build strength, become more resilient, and we build a good muscular system early on to ensure fitness in old age.

Inner posture means that I make it my priority to get in touch with my inner self and create a balance between body and soul. My practice on the yoga mat can also help me in my daily life. If I experience physical impasse on the yoga mat, I cannot break through it by struggling. Instead, I take deep, gentle breaths and try to get past the barrier. The same is true in life. When obstacles arise, I return briefly to my inner self and first take a deep breath. It is important to grasp the whole picture, for the constant effort will unlock the secret to healthy life.

I started practicing yoga after my first child was born. I suffered from such severe back pain that I could no longer walk. The condition quickly improved through yoga. As I began to practice more intensively, I experienced a deep sense of joy. How is this possible? Yoga is one of humanity’s oldest recorded patterns of movement, and it involves, in part, exercises that occur in nature and among babies. When we combine this movement with the breath, we return to our source, a perfect state of bliss.

My daily yoga practice has become a magic key that unlocks myself. Through deep, gentle breathing, you very quickly reach a state of “meditation in motion” which offers infinite blessings.

published: 05/02/2014

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