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Healing the Mind: Yoga and Meditation

by Anja Follmer-Greiff - Founder of Yoga Travel & Friends

The working society of the 21st century has changed drastically. Advancements in technology have made us always available to others and only add up to a heavy workload that makes it impossible to really zone out after a long day at work. We are constantly charged up and find it hard to bring balance and order into our lives.

So it's not surprising that stress, depressions and anxieties, accompanied by headaches and racing thoughts, have become common hazards of our generation.

Yoga and meditation bring a healing relief from stress, fear and anxieties. We probably all have heard that yoga and meditation bring a healing relief from stress and anxieties, yet, a majority does not quite know how to approach these techniques and how to integrate them in their daily lives. Doubts about the regularity of the practice or the quest for guidelines prevent us from stepping onto the mat and just trying to find our answers there.

While some benefit from regular yoga classes, others find help in only 10 minutes of meditation each morning. It is important to understand that yoga is an individual experience, which is only beneficial if you listen to your own body and find your own ways of how it may serve you.

Create awareness in your mind. Thus, the possible impact it may have on your wellbeing is only based on the awareness it creates in your mind. This happens through body postures (asanas), breathing techniques, or in meditation – it is simply important to expand your awareness to the present moment:

How does your body feel in terms of pain or stiffness, what thoughts and emotions are coming up, what worries or bothers you today?

Instead of blocking these thoughts out, try to let them come up and label them from an observing point of view without getting caught up in them. Quite often, we waste time and energy with worrying about situations that will turn out differently or might never occur this way at all.

Since anxieties are based on these worries about the future, yoga helps to put your focus on the present moment and, thus, creates a healthy distance to these fears.

Did you know that yoga affects the brain areas, responsible for happiness and positive emotions? Surely, we cannot ban stress and negative events completely from our lives, but we can use yoga to find a different approach that might change the impact that these factors have on us.

Yoga and health go hand in hand.

Throughout the years, more value has been placed on integrating wellbeing and a healthy lifestyle not simply into our everyday world, but also into our vacations.

The combination of healing wellness treatments, a holistic cuisine and the benefits of yoga and meditation become increasingly important to travellers. Thus, this new form of relaxation during holidays serves as a healing foundation and provides the energy, required in our daily lives.

Sometimes, all we need to reconnect with ourselves is a short time-out. It's a start to switch off your phone regularly, simply allow yourself to be unavailable from time to time.


published: 08/29/2016

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