When you take just one breath…a million beautiful hearts and minds connect around the world.


Dear Reader,

It has always been my deepest wish to live a life with purpose and to support the wellbeing of other people.

Working for Healing Hotels of World for several years taught me so many interesting lessons, sparked so many ideas for a better life and inspired me through so many beautiful stories that I felt the need to share those with the world.

Sharing knowledge is the cornerstone of Just Breathe Mag – a magazine by Healing Hotels of the World.

The great wisdom of all healing hotels combined is immense, so we created this platform to build a framework for this accumulated expertise.

We have the humble goal of putting more zest, more knowledge and more sense to life, by educating our readers about mindfulness, self-love, healthy eating, alternative medicine, meaningful charity work, inspiring life stories and much more.

It is about taking care of yourself and your surroundings; breaking out of the egoistic cycle of todays capitalist world and finding meaning in the small (and not so small) things in life.

We want you to be part of this. Discuss, share and connect with internationally recognized doctors, experts and specialists from around the world.

But most of all: enjoy!


Ewa Biging

Editor in Chief of Just Breathe Mag


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  1. Aras Erekul
    Oct 24, 2018 Reply

    Do you have a weekly newsletter?

    • Ewa Biging
      Oct 25, 2018 Reply

      dear Aras, Thank you very much for reaching out. Yes, we do have a newsletter. Head to the footer or side bar and subscribe there. Thank you!

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