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The Secret of Letting Go

by Master Han Shan - Spiritual leader, author and seminar leader

Practicing and realizing mindfulness in ourselves can have tremendous effects on us and our surroundings. Those who practice mindfulness regularly will not only notice that their ability to focus increases, and that they feel more anchored in their daily lives, but also that they remain more relaxed in stressful situations.

Those who practice become more attentive—something that we have been exhorted to do since we were children, but which we have lacked the tools to actually achieve.

Concentration is always limited; mindfulness is neutral, and it does not tire us because it is linked to the power that lies in the moment. Being mindful means being free of distractions, both inside and outside. The mind ceases to function as an unwanted commentator that evaluates ourselves and others depending on our mood, that fosters fear, causes us to overreact, and feeds greed, envy, hate, and hostility.

When we are mindful, we take a step back from the spontaneous comments we might otherwise make. We react in a more balanced manner and refrain from immediately saying whatever comes to mind; instead, we first reflect out of a neutral position upon our response before we verbalize our thoughts.

When we are mindful, we are fully present in every moment and we give our very best. We are no longer dependent on what others think of us, because we have recognized who we really are. That gives us the freedom from which we act instead of clinging to people, things, and ideas.

We meet the words and feelings of others with the serenity necessary for “true” communication to take place. We listen and are heard. The further our development progresses, the less we are entangled in things that do not concern us.

When we practice mindfulness, we no longer identify with intellectual attributes (“I am the one who always works the longest,” “Why is it always me,” “Typical me,” “I am always overworked/unchallenged”) and we also cease to use these same criteria to judge others. Since each of us is nothing other than clear energy superimposed with thoughts and feelings.

Those who live mindfully approach their true selves. The key to happiness is not found in suppression nor in the realization of what our minds produce in terms of ideas and desires. It is the spark of mindfulness that can ignite the light of understanding in us.


Master Han Shan is author of “Das Geheimnis des Loslassens” (The Secret of Letting Go), “Wer loslässt hat zwei Hände frei” (Once You Let Go, You Have Both Hands Free), and “Achtsamkeit: Die höchste Form des Selbstmanagements” (Mindfulness: The Highest Form of Self Management). Available at:

published: 02/04/2014

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