Claudia Roth

Claudia Roth

Founder & Managing Director Soul Luxury

Claudia Roth, the Founder & Managing Director of Soul Luxury has made it her mission to re-evaluate the manner in which luxury lifestyle brands connect with consumers. Her company is committed to assisting business executives to shift into a new dynamic of fluency with ever-changing human emotions, and guiding them to infuse these sentiments into innovative, commercially successful business solutions.

A global pioneer in the luxury evolution, Claudia empathizes with consumers who are increasingly gaining a more reflective awareness — not only of what a chosen product gives them, but how it makes them feel.

Claudia will be publishing her first book, SEEING DIFFERENTLY, later this year: the story of a successful executive whose personal pursuit of freedom transforms from a desire to do whatever she wants to a desire to be freed from ‘wanting’.

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