Claudia Roth

Claudia Roth

Founder & Managing Director Soul Luxury

Consumers want to be moved, engaged, inspired and fulfilled – and businesses need to shift their strategies to follow suit. Claudia Roth is the Founder and Managing Director of Soul Luxury, the committed leader in the Transformation Economy, helping businesses to understand, grow and excel in line with globally evolving consumer awareness.

After 25 years working across the globe with some of the world’s most prestigious brands, Claudia Roth is an expert in evoking the ever-evolving spirit of luxury.

She held the position as Vice President Europe, Middle East & Africa for The Leading Hotels of the World comprised of more than 375 hotels in 75 countries. Leading Hotels is one of the largest luxury hotel collections in the world counting icons such as the Ritz Paris, Sandy Lane in Barbados, Taj Mumbai amongst many others.

In addition, she is the founder of her signature brand Leveraging her well earned reputation working with visionary business leaders who are seeking progress through transformation


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