Dr. Petra Müller-Rupprecht

Dr. Petra Müller-Rupprecht

M.D., specialist for Psychosomatic Medicine

Dr. Petra Müller-Rupprecht is a Physician, a specialist in Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy and additionally has degrees as a Psychoanalyst and Homeopath. She is working as a head physician and has developed her own concept for coaching using all the tools she gained during her intensive studies concerning Eastern and Western Philosophy, Astrology, Shamanism and many more.

Articles by Dr. Petra Müller-Rupprecht:

A Word about Happiness

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  1. Dear Dr. Petra,
    My son is suffering from depression. He is not happy going to school, does not want to work, he says, he does not feel there is any meaning in life, he wants to be happy, does not what makes him happy. He wants to be content, but does not what is his definition of content. He saw a psychologist, my son said he was helpful, but does not want keep the appointments. My son is 20 year old, 3rd year in college. How can I help him? I appreciate your input.

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