Karl Schneeberger

Karl Schneeberger

Owner of the Art in Stone

After a tragic accident Karl Schneeberger changed his life and while searching for a new meaning and gratitude towards life he fell in love with crystals. Since then, he has made it his mission to turn his hobby into his career, by exploring the breath-taking, wonderful and unique natural masterpieces of nature, and bringing them to Austria - and if necessary, refining them - so that people around the world have the opportunity to enjoy these natural beauties. His company the Art in Stone is a preferred partner of Healing Hotels of the World and offers rock crystals of highest quality and purity, orbs sizing 70 cm in diameter, or sinks and bathtubs made of rock crystals, aragonite, rose quartz and many more. These wonderful stones carry healing properties for body, mind and soul and are wonderful sources of energy if combined with water.

Articles by Karl Schneeberger:

The Secret Power of Crystals

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