Kris McIntyre

Kris McIntyre

Founder & Publisher of Sacred Women’s Business

As the host of Australia’s YOGA TV (2012), Kris helped demystify Yoga by bringing it into the living rooms of mainstream audiences across the world. That adventure led to many others and now, through Sacred Women’s Business, Kris aims to share her passion for storytelling to inspire deeper conversations about what women yearn for.

Curious by nature, Kris’ interests span a broad range of topics including travel, mythology and spirituality, Eastern philosophy, health and wellbeing, the arts, business and international affairs, but what really makes her tick is people’s stories.

Through her own exploration into the mythical, magical and mystical realms of the feminine, she discovered amazing women (and men) with wonderful personal stories, extraordinary experiences and deep wisdom that she wanted to share with the world. And so Sacred Women’s Business was born.

Articles by Kris McIntyre:

On the Heroine's Journey
Female Fertility and the Moon
Feminism has Failed And Needs a Radical Rethink

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