Madeleine Marentette

Madeleine Marentette

Founder and CEO of Grail Springs Retreat and Spa

Madeleine Marentette is the founder and CEO of Grail Springs Retreat Centre for Wellbeing, Canada’s leading holistic healing destination. Bestselling author, educator, soul coach and healer, she continues to illuminate the path for individuals seeking transformation and life fulfillment.

For over twenty-five years Madeleine has dedicated herself to the study and processes of the human-soul-energy-connection. A dedicated life of service to people and our planet has her working relentlessly in regards of taking action, speaking and co-creating to raise awareness. Madeleine holds a series of lectures and retreats throughout the year both at Grail Springs and abroad. She is presently working on her next book on the human condition and how it relates to the sacred as well as the evolutionary track of soul consciousness and destiny.

Articles by Madeleine Marentette:

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