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8 Tips for Instant Relaxation

by Isobel Finbow - UK journalist

If you are desperate for some much needed time out, but do not have the luxury of a lengthy vacation, here are eight simple at home techniques to reach tranquility and in doing so alleviate health complications associated with stress including high blood pressure, heart problems, and insomnia.


1 - Eat an organic celery soup at night. This crunchy vegetable not only relaxes the nervous system and enlarges the blood vessels to reduce blood pressure, it also contains magnesium that helps you to fall asleep.


2 – Massages help you to unwind. Dissolve tensions in your body and help your mind to enter a state of balance.


3 – Lavender calms you down. Use it in teas and infusions at night. Further, lavender pillows effectively calm your nerves for a deep rest sleep.


Practicing Yoga lowers blood pressure and improves respiration, energy and vitality.

4 - Yoga has dozens of mental and physical benefits. Triangle pose and breath of fire (a regular breath pumped through the nose with even weight on the inhale and exhale, no deeper than sniffing) are aimed particularly at the nervous system. Try the bridge position before going to bed to promote a good night’s sleep.


5 - Use breathing techniques to help your mind and body quiet down. The “breath of life” aids relaxation and calms anxiety: inhale slowly through the nose, hold the breath in, and then exhale through the nose. The idea is that each element of the exercise takes the same amount of time, around 20 seconds.


6 – Soak in a hot tub to soothe body and soul. Feel gratitude and deep relaxation washing away tensions. When used in combination with a cold shower or pool, the benefits include boosted energy levels, increased circulation, detoxification, and improvement of the nervous system.


Mantras cleanse the subconscious during sleep.

7 - Almost all mantras have a relaxing effect. “What mantras do is to change the vibration both within and around the person,” Maria Teresa from My Sacha Ji explains. “When you recite a mantra, points of the palate are activated and they send a message to the brain.” Mantras also have specific objectives like prosperity, health or protection.


8 –Nature significantly reduces stress and helps to cope with pain. Whether you are getting lost in a forest or just manage a stroll around your local park: the scent of soil, the sound of the wind rustling through leaves, the vision of luscious green will melt stress away, leaving you with a deep sense of calm.


published: 04/18/2017

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