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DIY Garshan Massage

by Ramona Gräßer - Ayurvedic Therapist

Garshan is a complete body massage with gloves made of bourette silk and perfect for an in home experience. In preparation, your entire body should be lightly covered with oil. The powerful, invigorating massage is then performed with the rough side of the silk. Similar to Abhyanga the long limbs are treated with stroking movements, and the joints with rotating movements.

Garshan massage stimulates circulation and metabolism. 

The massage has proven itself effective in the reduction of excess tissue and cellulite. A raised level of Kapha is lowered and a feeling of physical and emotional heaviness is replaced by a feeling of lightness. Your skin is treated to the clarifying effect of a peeling.


Here is How To:

To begin with, rub in a little sesame oil or one of the Dosha oils.

Females begin with the left side of the body, males with the right side, working from the head via the throat to the feet, always against the blood direction from the fingertips to the heart and from feet to the heart. Vata constitution should massage from inside out, means from the heart to the fingers and from the heart to the feet.


Upper body area

Begin the massage with rapid, stroking movements along the throat, neck and in the shoulder area. Please make sure you cover the shoulder joints with rotating movements. Massage the upper arms with rapid strokes, the elbows with rotating movements, the lower arms again with rapid strokes and the wrists with rotating movements.

Next massage the backs of your hands with straight strokes and the joints of the fingers with small, rotating movements. After you have completed the massage of both arms, move on to the chest area. Please take care to avoid the heart region (females should also avoid the breasts). Massage the upper thorax with rapid, diagonal movements, from top to bottom. Finally, finish off the upper chest area by stroking twice across the abdomen in a horizontal direction and twice diagonally in a downward direction.


Lower body area

Massage the hips with rapid, powerful and rotating movements. Treat the thighs and the lower legs with long strokes along the straight limbs. Don’t forget to massage your knees, ankles and toes with small, rotating movements.


If you have greasy skin, a Kapha constitution or raised Kapha, you can perform Garshan at home for 5 to 10 minutes every other day and preferably before your morning shower. However, leave out the delicate facial skin and your décolleté. Garshan is particularly recommended in the spring, when Kapha is at a raised level as a result of the season.

Vata constitution should only perform it once or twice a week.


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published: 09/19/2017

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