Earth Rituals - Honoring Mother Earth

Earth Rituals - Honoring Mother Earth

by Christelle Chopard - Founder of the DHARMI® Method

Mother Earth is so generous in supporting us unconditionally, providing us with all the nutrition and the resources we do need to survive. Nature brings so much beauty and abundance into our lives. We receive her healing benefits just by being in contact with her. No words, no explanations are needed. She is a divine source of inspiration and creation.

But do we take care of Mother Earth as much as she takes care of us?

Originally we came on this planet as guardians. We received all tools to create a harmonious relationship with earth. Our ancestors were respecting her, they were asking permission before causing any type of intrusion, they were thankful for all food and resources she generously brought into their lives.

Though, what happened? So many ancestral rituals and traditions have been dismissed. So much harm has been caused instead of focusing towards harmony.

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated on April 22nd. Numerous communities are taking actions and creating movements for the environmental protection worldwide. The Paris Agreement was signed by more than 120 countries on Earth Day 2016.

Caring for the earth in all its elements is a journey inwards and outwards.

A mindful journey always begins with a clear intention. Your intention may be peace, nurturing, acceptance or love. This intention brings a special touch and frequency into your life. It reflects in your thoughts, in your actions, in your relationships. It creates a ripple effect around you and leads you to experience synchronicities and the law of attraction.

Knowledge is a source from which we can share and take actions. When we seek clarity in our mind, we become more sensitive to our environment. The more mindful we become of our breath and the air we breathe, the more attentive we are to the quality of the air that surrounds us. We notice clearly if there is contamination and seek ways to take care of the Air Element.

Watching the clouds moving in the sky passing by leads us to clear our thoughts and to access a peaceful state of mind. Through breathing practices we clarify and strengthen the prana (vital energy) within and around us. Star gazing and watching the full moon shining bright in the sky at night brings a sense of space. It opens the gate to light and relaxation.

The intensity of our actions and development is affecting not only our wellbeing, but also the one of our environment.

When our fire is too intense, it can become destructive. When we act with clear purpose and direction we reflect a healthy Fire Element. Looking at the sunrise lifts our energy up, bringing hope and inspiration for the day. The sunlight creates the food we eat through photosynthesis, and nourishes our bodies by creating strength building Vitamin. Watching the sunset at the end of the day supports the relieve of stress and give a chance for our metabolism to find ease and relaxation for a restful night.

The water is a sensitive element that responds very fast to temperature and mood changes. Dr. Masaru Emoto showed us the influence of our thoughts and frequency on the molecules of water.

Earth Day is a beautiful opportunity to cleanse and detox following a healthy diet program in order to stay healthy and to balance our emotions. But nature also requires our care and attention. We all can bring positive influence to purify and to care for our waters, rivers, lakes and oceans, by choosing organic, healthy options in the products we use and in our lifestyle.

Mother Earth supports and nurtures us unconditionally. She deserves to receive attention and I invite you all to plant a seed on this special day.

Our foundation requires a healthy Earth Element to manifest and to grow with prosperity. When we hug a tree, we can feel the stillness and aliveness of its trunk. When we sit below it we feel it’s roots and receive a comforting sensation. Lying down in the grass, feeling the heart of the earth resonating within us, supporting us, brings a profound nurturing sensation.

When you seek prosperity, support, foundation, I highly recommend you to walk in nature, to touch a tree, to sit on a rock, to feel this unconditional support that is here for us. It is a generous gift and surprisingly reinforcing blissful experience.

Exploring the secrets that Mother Earth and Nature offers to us leads us to access our own true nature in a graceful and simple way.


Happy Earth Day!

Amarun ~ Christelle Chopard


published: 04/10/2018

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