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Dinner with Dr. Ali

by Anne Biging - Founder and CEO of Healing Hotels of the World

It was a remarkable evening in Dr. Mosaraf Ali’s flat in London’s hip Marylebone. Dr. Ali is a renowned expert and mastermind in the field of  integrated health. Before dinner was served, we sat in his large and very traditional living room, listening to the stories of someone who has successfully worked with high profile patients - from the members of the world’s Royal family to the likes of Kate Moss, Sylvester Stallone and Morgan Freeman.

Dr. Ali takes out an old photo album, flipping through the pages featuring notes in neat handwriting about his first trips to India - all healing journeys. In the late 80ies, early 90ies he took small groups to sacred places of India. They practiced Yoga and meditation, studied the scriptures, received alternative healing treatments and massages. And one person was there on each trip: Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. She and Prince Charles are today Dr. Ali’s most loyal clients.

I have known Dr. Ali for a few years – mainly through his amazing work as a doctor of alternative medicine and as someone who has a stellar record of healing people from all walks of life.

Earlier today I was touched by a sweet moment as we waited for him in his Integrated Medical Centre before going over to his apartment with his son Shazad, CEO of the Centre. Just as we were in the middle of the discussion a young men is carefully led through the door. He looks pale and very fragile. His mother, however, is brimming with joy.

The son was hit by a bus and had been in a coma for some time. The medical doctors in the hospital nearly gave up on him. They did not really have the medical answers to his condition. Fortunately, the mother found Dr. Ali and he has been treating him ever since – with great success as it seems.

Dr. Ali is a fine looking man in his early fifties. His skin looks very pure and extremely radiant. Listening to him as he speaks about his own journey throughout India and the best western universities, you sense his serenity. This man has but one single intention: He wants to heal and help people.

What is his secret then? How is he so successfully healing his patients, where even academic medicine fails?

It was in one of the shows of Dr. OZ in 2011 that made him even more famous. He was showing the audience how he performs his healing modalities life in front of the camera: Iridology for instance. In the eyes of his patient, he can actually diagnose the disease. After the show, he had over a million hits on his social network.

But there is much more. As a pioneer of integrated medicine with over 30 years of excellent clinic results, he has been searching for the truth of the human body. One of his findings is greatly described in his recent book: The Neck Connection. He says that it is a result of 20 years of his work. He found that he can heal much of the human mind and body through work on the neck by stimulating the nervous system and thus increasing the blood supply to the brain.

Dr. Ali has also just founded a complex healthy aging system called Time Reversal. This unique concept is based on an ancient secret art of rejuvenation that integrates various forms of treatments to enhance healthy cellular regeneration and perfect wellbeing.

As we leave the dinner table that night, after enjoying a happy and healthy meal, based on Dr. Ali’s own organic food selection and perfect cooking, I feel grateful for having spend time with a man who has worked a lifetime developing a successful combination of medical and alternative health programs as well as promoting a new understanding of the innate healing power that all humans posses.


published: 05/08/2014

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  1. I have experienced it once with a Chinese TCM doctor: this passion to heal people. The experience is not just of a treatment but of someone who does everything to heal you, who actually does not want to stop before he/she has archived what they wanted to archive. They are the once who pioneer into new depth of healing as Dr. Ali obviously does.

    1. Very interesting! Dr. Ali has the potential to set an example for many doctors around the world. His approach will change lives and benefit doctors and patients

      1. How do I keep communication clear and cobraftomle?It works so well when I stop myself from worrying why someone has not called me back. I stop to think that their day or their week may be very full and busy with activities and events I know nothing about. I remind myself to send loving thoughts to them, releasing the unfounded fears I have about them or the relationship. I remember to not take things personally or so seriously. This is only my ego feeling neglected. I can just relax and wait for communication to begin again at the perfect time for both of us. Jeanne

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