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Finding Balance in the Midst of Chaos

by John Stamoulos - Master Breathwork Trainer

In science, chaos theory suggests that within the apparent random behavior of matter, there is an underlying pattern that continually moves toward organization. This ‘self-organization’ principle suggests that order can spontaneously arise out of a disordered system.

Think of the natural tendency of crystals to form out of separate molecules or the phenomenon of individual birds that swarm into murmurs that are coherent and spectacular patterns in flight.

Under the chaos, lies a state of order in your mind, heart, with those around you, and with nature. ~unknown

When chaos erupts in life, it introduces unpredictability and difficult challenges. What feels like uncontrollable anarchy has at its core this same potential for the emergence of order as well as transformation. 

One generator of chaos in life is change - you move to a new city, start a new job, are awarded a promotion, get married or divorced, suffer loss, experience trauma or welcome new life into the world. No matter its origins, change can bring up fear, uncertainty, and insecurities and can turn a peaceful, well-ordered life completely upside down.

All great changes are preceded by chaos. ~Deepak Chopra 

Change can be overwhelming and can make it difficult to discern any order in the noise, especially in your own thoughts. So, how do you act in the midst of chaotic change and, more importantly, how do you learn and grow from such an experience?

Does your worry drive you to panic and attempt to fix everything? Do you lay awake at night figuring out how to control the situation? Do you look to others for their view and advice?


Your Chaos Toolkit 

Learning how to separate from the dramatic stories you tell yourself about the situation as well as accepting the reality of the upheaval you are facing can bring balance and help you deal more effectively with the unpleasant or difficult circumstances.

So you can support graceful progress through turmoil, here are some helpful habits you can develop even before chaos visits your life:

  • Commit to finding moments of peace in each day so that in the midst of chaos, the practice will be automatic;
  • Use conscious breathing to invite patience and to remain flexible and calm even when things come undone;
  • Carry and use calming and focusing essential oils;
  • Build your home as a sanctuary of peace and order;
  • Gift yourself with a ‘media-free’ day - shut off TV and social media;
  • Develop a ‘not mine’ mindset to deflect what chaos belongs to others;
  • Write about positive experiences; send a note of gratitude to someone you care about; or draw or write about one thing that makes you feel calm and centered;
  • Practice seeing yourself floating above the turmoil and being untouched by the circumstances.
  • Embrace daily meditation…try this short one:

Find a special place in your home or outside where you can sit quietly. As you close your eyes, become aware of the external sounds then slowly bring your attention to your breath, your body and breathe into places of any physical tightness or discomfort.

Appreciate your aliveness, as you feel physically present in the moment. Pay attention to your heart beating, your hands in your lap, the chair in which you are sitting.

Breathe in and out for a few minutes while repeating to yourself, “May I thrive in the chaos. May I find peace in my life. May all be well”


What Can Chaos Teach You?

Dealing head-on with chaos and wading into it rather than running from it can create profound changes in your life that teach you how to:

  • stay centered, grounded and rooted in the face of disturbing challenges;
  • meet upset and discord as part of the ebb and flow of life that is impermanent and momentary in your life;
  • let go of resentment, irritation, hurt or anger and the associated stories that surround disorder;
  • feel and express emotions and navigate the changes without losing inner peace and stability;
  • adjust your approach to circumstances that you cannot change and still remain balanced in well-being.


Love and Chaos

Enfolded in the underlying order of chaos lies the frequency of love.

It is love of self and others that creates inner peace and a calm life view. In moments of fear and disorientation, letting your heart’s wisdom lead the way will always bring you through the pandemonium and into personal peace and expansion.


published: 04/20/2017

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