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The Pillars of Holistic Beauty

by Alcide Leali Jr. - Managing Director at Lefay Resorts

The Lefay SPA Method focuses on the development of innovative aesthetic and beauty proposals following the principles of "holistic beauty".

This approach is based on the correct functioning of the whole organism - the so called pillars of beauty and rejuvenation:



In the Western countries acupuncture is mainly considered as an analgesic and therapeutic procedure but it is actually an exceptional beauty aid. The awakened energy by this treatment provides a sense of general wellbeing to the whole body, slowing down the aging process and its causes. Acupuncture can also act on beauty flaws such as overweight, cellulite and acne-prone skin. Revitalizing the face with acupuncture is an innovative and almost painless natural lifting treatment. It reduces the signs of aging, with results that go far deeper into the skin than what is visible on the face. It is also an excellent alternative to plastic surgery and potentially dangerous cosmetics such as Botox.


Healthy Nutrition:

A healthy nutrition plays a crucial role in preventive medicine. Our dietary concept teaches how to change bad habits and highlights the importance of a proper diet. A good and balanced diet has a strong effect on our skin, which is basically the mirror of the correct functioning of our entire organism.


Personalized Phytotherapy:

Medicinal plants have been used since the dawn of time. Man has in fact always searched for plants that were able to treat symptoms, syndromes and more generally the different disorders he inevitably suffered. The Lefay Spa Method uses the most ancient form of phytotherapy within its programmes: herbal teas.

Over 40 medicinal plants, for the most part of western provenance, are offered both because of their intrinsic characteristics (for example, birch for its diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties and blueberry for its antioxidant and vasoprotective properties) and their energizing qualities. In this sense one can say that each medicinal plant is made up of a precise “personality” that integrates with the human constitution.


Physical Rebalancing Activities:

The gentle and gradual movements of Qi Gong and Meridian Stretching control stress, tone the body and relax the mind.



All the Lefay SPA Method treatments are personalized according to the guests’ needs and energy constitution in order to identify the individual causes of the aesthetic imperfections. Therefore, during the initial medical examination, our doctors personalize each of the massages and treatments included in the wellness programs according to the guests specific aesthetic issue. We believe that each person is special and unique:

Classical Chinese Medicine is one of the oldest diagnostic and therapeutic sciences in the world. It considers human being as an infrangible complex of matter, energy and spirit in continuous evolution.


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published: 10/14/2016

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