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The Healing Effects of Thermal Water

by Lini Freudenstein - Writer at DAS MÜHLBACH

The ancient Romans have elevated bathing to a science, praising the healing effects of thermal springs. So what has been fair in antiquity should only be fair for us today.

Since the beginning of time, humans have been looking for relaxation and relief in water. But it’s been the ancient Romans that took bathing to a higher level, celebrating their balneum (bath) as a place to regain strength, enhance health and avoid sickness. Balneology - the science of bathing - is one of the oldest sciences in the world.

The healing effects of thermal springs have been discovered quite quickly and have been successfully used for therapeutic purposes for thousands of years. In some cases water is more than just water: have a bath and feel well. Have a thermal bath and get well!

Thermal springs unite fire, water, metal and earth to a close and unique connection. Due to the richness and variety in minerals – depending on the rock formations the rainwater had to pass in the specific area –  each thermal spring is unique. The gentle holistic recovery effects are based on the ample composition: sulfur compounds strengthen and cleanse the body, earthy salts detoxify, and valuable minerals nurture joints and organs through the skin and mucous membranes.


8 Benefits of Bathing in Thermal Water: 

  1. Harmful substances are volatilized and neutralized.
  2. It calms the overstrained nervous system.
  3. Stress is released.
  4. It can relieve you from pain.
  5. It has an anti-inflammatory effect.
  6. The entire musculoskeletal system is treated and healed.
  7. Skin diseases are eased.
  8. It has a healing effect on menstrual molimina.


Try the healing effects of thermal waters for yourself, for example at The Mühlbach Thermal Spa, which is supplied with divalent sulfur-rich water directly from the original Bad Füssing hot-water spring, coming from a depth of more than one thousand meters. The Mühlbach is a member of Healing Hotels of the World.


published: 07/04/2016

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