The 4 Yoga Practices You Need to Know

The 4 Yoga Practices You Need to Know

by Yael Haim - Communication Manager at Molitor Paris Club & Spa

As we all know, the practice of Yoga is ancient old and nowadays evolved into various different subgroups. We compiled the 4 main practices that you need to know.



Warrior yoga is a dynamic and liberated version on traditional yoga. It is oriented towards physical benefits, and adds fitness and Pilates exercises along with musical accompaniment to the usual yoga poses. These rhythmic lessons promise transpiration, elimination, loss of weight, improved respiration and a release from stress.



Hatha-yoga is based on series of poses (calledasana in Sanskrit); it is the most frequently practiced yoga discipline in Europe since it is ideal for everyone: beginners and experts alike. The poses are associated with respiration control and concentration, as they must be maintained for specific time periods.



Vinyasa is a Sanskrit term combining two roots: «nyasa», which means «to place» and «vi», which means «in a specific way». Vinyasa yoga is defined as a series of dynamic movements that are initiated and harmonized by breathing. It is free and creative, with no set series of measures. The series of movements are the result of experiences acquired through the teaching, which can be adapted to the needs of the individual.



Yod’ha is a form of cardio yoga that uses uninterrupted series of movements. Those who are reticent towards approaches that are too «zen» will find it very attractive: the sessions are dynamic and the series of movements are organized over a precise timing, very much like dance choreography.


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published: 03/14/2017

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