The Gut: Our Internal Compass© OCÉANO, Spain

The Gut: Our Internal Compass

by K. Matthias Rolle - Medical Head and Owner of OCÉANO Hotel Health Spa

Less is sometimes more. In particular if we have the feeling that the speed in and around us is increasing ever more. But how to shift down a gear?

The gut can be the key to this change. Its complex functions offer the crucial components to finding your way back to a healthy rhythm. When we hear about the gut, of course, we initially think of digestion and intake of food. However, it is crucial whether the necessary food components are really all absorbed. Equally important as absorption is the function of releasing.

In the releasing process, not only indigestible food components, but also, and in particular, many metabolism end products are discharged that can pollute and damage the body if it cannot get rid of them.

The microbiomes are large quantity of bacteria, whose significance are still underestimated for our health. This also includes the production of crucial hormones for our emotions and relaxing sleep. A good immune protection, vitality and performance are the result of a healthy gut. As an added bonus, you also control your insulin balance and weight. Only if our microbiome is in balance, the gut can perform its tasks efficiently. 

Therapeutic fasting or a calorie-reduced diet within the meaning of F. X. Mayr not only expand one’s life, they also alleviate numerous chronic illnesses such as allergies, rheumatic ailments, metabolism sicknesses such as diabetes mellitus and prevent any potential burnout.

The switch towards a relaxed everyday life is probably best started with a time-out for the body and soul, where the gut sets the rhythm - in a natural environment, where water, mountains and light support this regeneration.

The offering at a MayrPrevent® centre is created for such a time-out. Here, abstaining is not understood to be less in the sense of emptiness, but simplicity and leanness open up new rooms for creativity and joy de vivre.


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published: 08/22/2016

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