Transformation Economy: Knowledge is Not Everything.

Transformation Economy: Knowledge is Not Everything.

by Claudia Roth - Founder & Managing Director Soul Luxury

The consumer’s natural drive to live a life of meaning and to move beyond material gratification towards inner fulfillment leads to a new evolution of global consciousness. Brands that embrace this shift to the transformational economy and respond to the customers’ inner values will thrive, while those who only offer superficial satisfaction will flounder.


“You are like a man with a torchlight in a gallery. You can only see what is in the beam of your torch. Everything else is in darkness.”  ~ Unknown


Trends are changing. Let’s take the fashion industry as an example: selling status and prestige are being replaced by wellness ‘active wear’ experiences, in line with the consumers’ ambitious and constantly changing self-image (e.g. Nike’s running clubs and Reebok’s mobile CrossFit gyms).

Self-awareness and mindfulness are becoming the new must-have skills. 

In business meetings self-awareness and mindfulness will soon be an important factor. But here’s the boardroom conundrum: in the transformational economy, knowledge is limiting!

It is human nature to analyze anything new with existing knowledge. The main weakness here is that this existing knowledge that relates to how things have worked in the past, cannot be effectively applied to the new paradigms emerging in business.

Holding on to what we know gives us a feeling of confidence and importance. We like to stay in our comfort zone, rejecting what contradicts our old beliefs.


“There are no facts, only interpretations.” ~ Nietzsche


'Traditional mental' knowledge is essential in many ways, but this knowledge alone cannot facilitate the new awareness that is needed to advance business in line with the rising collective consciousness. A shift to intuition and feeling! 

Knowledge of the mind must shift to intuition and feeling: consider yourself as a whole being by listening to your inner self.

A greater awareness can be reached when you feel something deep inside yourself. It empowers, you to see, approach and action things in a different way. Below are a few tips to help you nurture a greater awareness:


  • Develop self-knowledge – learn to observe your thoughts and become aware of how you habitually react to situations and people.
  • Turn off ‘auto pilot’ – take a break from your daily routine; be open for unknown situations; avoid your usual responses.
  • Find new interpretations – new responses require new interpretations; it’s time to let go negative emotions that lead to the wrong decision / old way.
  • Re-examine your beliefs and opinions – if you’re ready, determine what aspects of your personality support (or deter) your present aims.


In summary, even the present best is no longer quite enough. Commit to a life of evolving awareness and transformation (- I am currently in Auroville for this reason from where I am writing this article), and reap the rewards both personally and professionally.



published: 01/19/2017

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